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Laundromat Heart

Please, do us a favor and listen to all of 'Laundromat Heart.' I come from the school of songwriting which taught to keep a recording interesting until the end, that means little nuggets saved for the last of the song. Unfortunately, or not, I was taught that before the world of instant communication and so many competing for the same minute of time. At any rate, we worked hard to get the vocal outro on Laundromat--the fade, the harmonies. Listen all the way. I bet you have time, if not, it’s ok. But, support your local gunfighter. We work hard. Listen down, dammit, listen down. I love you.

fantastikfinish  (almost 6 years ago)

....watching my world go spinning around!

Basin in The Rock

Only a few more days until i receive 300 copies of my new record. It’s supposed to arrive on May 21, with an official release date of July 4. Natch. Some of you, check your snail-mail boxes. Rock.