Beats and Gear

Got a hold of a Pendulum Quartet channel strip... The vocals are through this are opulent or grunge depending on how its tuned or any where in between.... Very nice. Need to learn more about it. I've made 10 to 15 beats in the last couple weeks, sold most of them. Working on album cuts right now and singles and just being creative working toward that commercial appeal but also high quality good music.... Not the current radio BS. Popular music CAN be better. Anyway... Burn one and hit me up if you want to collab or need production, a verse, a hook, whatever.

Blog #1

Well, met Jason from Midwest Connect and a lot of great people last night. DV, Drama, and whoever else I'm forgetting (No offense, I'm not great with names at first). Was really awesome seeing the show at T-Birds. Love the local talent! Been kind underground for a long time and never really was involved locally. Looking forward to collating with a lot of these cool cats.

Really excited about the album coming from my main dudes Kanzaz Chiefa and Jaxson album coming out and the ruiner inc remix video remix to our song "Seen It All"

Really just excited about all the music in the town right now. I've been recording 1-3 songs a day almost and hoping it gets noticed and people like it.

Anyway... just wanted to try out this blog shit on reverb nation lol.

Was really glad to talk to Overdose of PMR Records for the first time in years and get to do a collab with him. Put it up titled "Absolute Destruction"... just us on our own shit.