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fan mail from Switzerland

hi sandy, we just wanted to wish you a happy new year. sara speaks of you all the time. you are the person she misses most from seattle!!! today she asked me to call you so she could tell you how much she misses you!! i told her that i will write this to you. By the way, she sings your songs and tries to play her ukulele and imitates you all the time! Be sure, we will keep listening to all your music in the car and everywhere. we all love to listen to it! wishing you a great holiday and all the best for 2014! Annik and SAra wishing you all the best!


Thought you might get a kick out of your former students! Malini is 'graduating' from 5th grade and off to Washington Middle School in the Fall...hard to believe! Nathin is finishing up 3rd grade and has joined Choir!!! Malini is also in a wonderful Choir program, so both are using their voices and the training you started them off with...THANK YOU!!!