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I, like most of my kind (read: the human race), have an innate desire to understand things. While this sounds like an excellent excuse as to why I waste countless hours sifting through the virtual alleyways of wikipedia, it’s not (read: it is). It is why I own the entire set of Disney’s Wonderful World of Knowledge though.

One area of my life where this unending curiosity does extend however is when it comes to music. It isn’t because I’m not interested but rather, that I’ve simply realized I cannot hope to understand it. There are too many variables. Throw in the fact that many artists are also on some sort of mind-altering substance when they create their art, and you can understand why it’s easy to get lost in it all.

So yeah, I won’t sit here and wonder why Ch!nch!lla decided to use “!” over the more generally accepted “i”.

I’ll just enjoy it.


I’ve never had the greatest follow through in regards to the whole, “will-you-do-me-this-favor-because-we’re-really-good-friends-and-I’d-do-it-for-you-Madi” bias’s. Well, I’ve never had the greatest follow through, period, to be honest. So, (Sorry, if you’re reading this, Daniel) I’ve taken my sweet, pardon my French, fucking time, in listening to, “I swear to god, Mads, these dudes are the next big thing”, Ch!nch!lla. I like to tell myself, I can’t be bought, and this, my lovely readers, is how I justify all my laziness. I actually feel kind of bad, now, however. Although, I had a hard time getting past the name, my friend in New York was right: his friends, Ch!nch!lla, from New Jersey, are creating beats and sampling sounds that, are something, I’d imagine to be “the next big thing”, in the electronic realm of the industry. The group consists of singer/DJ Zach Goldshmidt, basist Liam Mellor, and guitarist Adam November (what a RAD last name). With that said, I’m shocked, stupefied, and, well, a little embarrassed that my blatant ignorance and utter snobbery kept me this long, from clicking play, on these kids’s sound cloud. If I could liken Ch!nch!lla’s EP to anyone, or anything, for that matter, I’d say it’s a cool mix of FlyLO’s funkiest beats, Telepopmusik’s quirkiest trances, and Miike Snow’s smartest vocals. It’s strange, but I feel like I’m still doing this new DJ an injustice, by trying to articulate, what exactly, it is, he’s doing here. I will say, that the four tracks: Broken, Drift, Iron Lungs, and Top Hat that envelop Ch!nch!lla’s debut EP, are the first tracks to induce that ethereal/euphoric state on my person, since my attendance of Coachella back in 2010. It was a lot of things, back two years ago, that brought this feeling about: Passion Pit’s set, the greatest amount of rum combined with a few other things, I’d rather not disclose, for my mother’s sake, and my brother as well, there, with me. Now, two years later, I sit, sober, actually, I’m sick right now, on my bed, in Boston, experiencing a lot of these same feelings of bliss, from Ch!nch!lla’s music. In coordination, it’s not whether or not you hate the name: it’s whether or not you’re an idiot. So, don’t be like me, and let your better judgment, tell you to steer clear, for you’ll find yourself, behind the times. In a few months, Ch!nch!lla, I believe, will be playing the biggest places in the Big Apple, if not elsewhere, and it’s here, at The Stache, you can say, you’d heard, way back when, of this DJ group, on the rise. Moral of the story? Ignorance is NOT bliss, and neither is the feeling of regret, you’ll have, if you don’t download Ch!nch!lla’s stuff, right here, right now! Iron Lungs Drift from a Broken Top Hat, - Madi