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Smokin Don Woods, Jr.!

Hi, My name is Candy Stevens and as you can see I own Smokin' FM. a Hot Country Radio Station. We are well established with 7,000 listeners in over 35 countries. We feature a full line up of talent and as well like to feature artists who are putting out some excellent music in hopes of promoting them further in their career. Don Woods is one of them. When I first heard Don's latest CD, "90 Proof", I was absolutely floored by what I was listening to! I immediately added no less than 6 tracks from that CD, which is pretty well unheard of. Don Woods is an incredibly talented artist and his sound is like that of no other. It reminds me of so many of the greats rolled into one power packed, edgy and truly Country Artist. Since adding his music, our social media has been on fire and we continually get requests for all of his songs. Coming across Don Woods has been a blessing for our station and I would without doubt recommend him to producers, radio stations, promoters....anyone who I could think of reaching out to. Once again there is no other like Don Woods. As it should be. He has obviously worked hard to hone his craft and it shines through with the soul that you hear when you take a listen to any of his music. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at redcandy60@hotmail.com. FYI. I have been involved in the commercial radio industry for 40 years. Always on air personality, Music Director with Arbitron stations qualifying for Arbitron Ratings, Program Director and General Manager. Thank you again for giving me the pleasure of promoting *the* best artist I've heard in years, Don Woods! Sincerely, Candy Stevens Founder, Owner, Producer, Morning Show Host and CEO of Smokin' FM

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Just wanted tell all our fans thanks for all your support.