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The Mentality of Music Performance

After moving back from Saint Paul, Minnesota to Kansas, I can't help but notice the performance mentality of most musicians and bands around town. There are too many players out there that find it easier to play what works instead of digging in and learning the correct parts. I find as an artist you learn best by "copying" from others. I have my own original material that doesn't really sound like most of what I choose to play, but my ear is better for it and thats how you build a stronger vocabulary in the music that you love. There are several people that have slammed me for wanting to start this new trio project and my response to them is that I have my own original material, and I believe that the reason they gripe about artist integrity is because they can't physically play the parts themselves.

Courtney May
Courtney May  (about 5 years ago)

Well put.

The Old No. 5s
The Old No. 5s  (over 4 years ago)

This is a cool topic which I think a lot of young musicians deal with. But how does it apply to the "mentality of Performance?"