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We're currently working on some songs that we've had for a while...you know, those pages of 4-liners that would make a good hook or a good lyric. We're concentrating to finish writing a particular song that started with the title back in January of '10 that was inspired while driving back to the Denver airport in Colorado. Songs do sometimes take some time to write themselves. . . and we hope it doesn't take too much longer. . . so stay tuned!!

behind the song..."Snowy Smoky Mountain"

"Snowy Smoky Mountain" is a song we wrote to put on a Christmas album we recorded in 2010. We wanted something original, but with a feel of seasonal locality. Having vacationed in the Smokies as a kid from Georgia and now living here inspired us in writing this - not to mention that Thanksgiving and Christmas are our favorite times of the year. We also try to subtly convey a feeling of the true meaning of the Season.

I wanted the music to be simple and warm. The nylon string is a nice fit here with the strings to give it a little air and the cello helping to ground the song.

We hope you enjoy it!