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New Recording Direction

Now that we're down to a trio, and can no longer play many of our songs as originally written in a live format, we've decided to go into a different direction as far as our outlook on recording is concerned. I usually have the mindset that you should only record what you can play live, but that's kind of out the window for the time being. This means that our songs are now going to have some extra instruments in there, mostly played be Trevor and I, in order to give them a fuller, more varied song. Expect to hear lots of keys, harmonica, banjo, and the like. We've gone this direction for "Space Age Reprise" and "Buzzard." See what you think!


Hello all! This is our first blog, and we've got some big news. Our guitar player, Kevin Bobbitt, has left the band due to personal and creative differences. It's been a good ride, but it's all for the best. He was with us for over a year and helped us write some incredible songs. But The Myths will forge on as a trio, maybe adding some new members in the future. We'll just have to see. So for now, we'll finish the album with Zack and I filling in on second guitar. We want to keep this going as long as possible. We love it. So we'd like to thank Kevin for all his contributions to the band, and we just hope things work out for him in the future. So be on the lookout for "The Ditch", which is the last song he recorded with us. And make sure to look out for what the rest of us have in store for you! Thanks again! - Trevor