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The Rebuilding of Slavedriver

So there have been some ups and downs in the Slavedriver camp. Todd left the band leaving us looking for a bass player. While we were looking CC joined us as second guitarist. While the bassist search continued, CC kept us busy teaching him the songs. During this we found a monster of a bassist in Driggs. He brought in prowess on the six string bass, adding a whole new dimension to the music. Once it seemed everything was where it should be CC left to pursue his own project, which we fully support, leaving us as a four piece once again. After some discussion we decided that this is how we are meant to forge ahead. Driggs, being the monster that he is, has been getting up to speed at an incredible rate. We are looking forward to you all hearing the much improved Slavedriver. All of you in TheSlaveNation will be very pleased with what we have in store for you. Big things are coming soon. Be prepared.

Enslavement has begun

Slavedriver is now playing shows bring the metal to the masses. Make sure you check show dates to see when were coming to you.