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Fans how?

With love, a Question: How does one become a fan of another, yet never listen to their music? Been told Is it for RN points, really not sure but sad if true, "mutes" the giving to others....Michael R., ASCAP, with ears to hear...in humility for those I admire........

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If you need scores, go to http://www.forcomposers.com scores pages there....Michael


For those "poets" of music, some of my lyrics,F.Y.R. http://forcomposers.com/_lyrics_by_michael

Christopher Harris

http://www.reverbnation.com/christophermharris, please listen to this artist, it will definitely make you feel free...Michael R. ASCAP

Chris Weis Band
Chris Weis Band  (almost 4 years ago)

He's a good friend and a very talented guy. Thank you, Michael, for helping support his music and ministry!!.

...and War...and War..

From a veteran's perspective, my first attempt at a music (slide show). Please do not forget or learn from our past, the"cost of freedom"....Michael R

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ASCAP/Published Composer, Praise, other, giving is Living

Been around composer, just want to give back as I have been given much.....hear it? Not till you DO! forcomposers.com. I thank all in my dwelling place and all around our world, my family, our family. Music, the language of love that binds us beyond pride and politics, my love, our love, still sings, Michael