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I wanna thank er one for helpn me n all the encouragement my peers give. I feel like I am not alone in this. U can't ask for a betta team of peers than who are all on reverbnation. Thank u guys for ya awesome comments, that's what keeps me goin.

Givin it my all

I'm givin it my all, yes I'm prepared if I fall, But getting up is heart, N that, no one will eva pull apart, Don't let em hold u back, Or it was neva meant for u to do tracks, Use knowledge, not ignorance, Ppl won't hear the words from someone illiterate-XPLICIT

Double K N The House

We're back n we here ta stay. Through facing adversity we have managed ta stay a fam n do what we luv. Keep showin us luv n I PRAY 4 THE COMPETITION!

Im Here

I Feel Like I Am The Realest Thing Arriving, Just Hear My Words N Peep My Credentials.