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Juggalo jokes part one

Who likes a good laugh? :D check it...

Two cops are walking the beat past a really tall hill. Then a giant 2 liter of Rock N Rye comes flying over the hill and smacks one of the cops in the face. Then a lone voice calls over the hill "one Juggalo is better than ten cops!" The cops are like hell no, so they call in back up.

Ten cops go over the hill and after a few moments of fighting, there was silence. The voice called over the hill again "one Juggalo is better than TWENTY cops!" so they call the SWAT team. And again, minutes later there was silence.

The voice called one more time "one Juggalo is better than FIFTY cops!!" Just as they're about to call backup a beat up SWAT officer come crawling over the hill torn to shreds. He crawled to the chief, grabbed his pant leg and said... It's a trap! THERE'S TWO OF THEM!!! XD