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New teaser trailer!

Here’s a short teaser trailer just for you! Just to let you know, the release will be pushed back a few weeks later. The album will be release on January 2017 on PRC MUSIC! More news coming soon! https://youtu.be/ivy2XGjK540

Succubus Irons! (FEAT member of Doom's Day!)

Can't wait for a new Doom's Day album? Don't worry we're working on it! ;) Meanwhile please check this side project Succubus Irons featuring DooM on vocals and guitars. You'll recognize some Doom's Day horror vibe throughout the whole album. You can order it NOW! PRC MUSIC release it today exclusively via their website : www.prcmusic.com/store The album will be officially release in stores on May 5th 2015. You can listen the FULL album here : https://prcmusic.bandcamp.com/album/succubus-irons-the-gorgons-lullaby-cd PLEASE SHARE! Today is a good day! Hellacaust What is not CD, Whipstriker Troopers of Mayhem CD, VULCANO Wholly wicked CD, Show of Bedlam Roont CD and Succubus Irons "The gorgon's lullaby" CD arrived! They are ALL IN STOCK NOW and shipping out by the end of the week MAX! Order now at www.prcmusic.com/store

NEW Lyric Video!

Check out our Lyric Video for our song Crush the Cross!

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DOOM'S DAY -- Crush the Cross (Official Lyric Video)


New T-Shirts!

Our new t-shirts are now available to buy on our Bandcamp page. BUY T-SHIRT HERE:


Contest Time!!!

Contest Time !!!

Get a chance to win a physical copy of “The Devil’s Eyes” through a lucky draw. For more information visit: www.facebook.com/dooms666day

You can now order The Devil's Eyes!

Our Bandcamp page is now Ready!

You can now order The Devil’s Eyes!


The Devil's Eyes - Full Album Stream!!

Doom's Day - The Devil's Eyes (Full Album Stream)

Pre-orders Will ship before February 25 2014 Available in stores in March 2014 Promotion starts late December

Stream now! http://prcmusic.bandcamp.com/album/dooms-day-the-devils-eyes

Pre-order now! http://www.prcmusic.com/store/index.php?route=product%2Fproduct&path=172&product_id=938


You can now listen to our new song, The Offering, in it's entirety!! Go take a listen! \m/


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...a new song will rise from the depths of Hell...


Teaser Trailer!

Doom's Day - "The Devil's Eyes" Teaser Trailer!