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Live 18 July @ Mylos! Firewin/Psychochoke/4bitten/Everflow/Corruption



31/5/2012 @ 10 day artists festival in 18th Kavala with many friends from Thessaloniki!

28/4 w/ Nightrage/Psycho Choke/ Dagger Of Betrayal

Video radio spot for Thessaloniki show 28 of April


Nightrage/Psycho Choke/Corruption/Dagger Of Betrayal

Ticket pre sales for the Thessaloniki at eightball show 28th of April now are out, and u can get them from, Metropolis, Alone, Musicland and Emerald cafe bar, go and grab your tickets, they cost 10 euro.

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150753493765067&set=a.444512555066.234181.13231595066&type=1 Δείτε τη μετάφραση NIGHTRAGE / PSYCHO CHOKE / DAGGER OF BETRAYAL / CORRUPTION LIVE IN THESSALONIKI 8ball Club Thessaloniki

Supporting Nightrage

Supporting Nightrage @ Eightball club Thessaloniki 28/4 at the Rage through the psycho tour! With PsychoChoke and Dagger Of Betrayal.

New EP

Our new E.P was recorded mixed and mastered at Devasoundz studios in Athens by Fotis Benardo (SepticFlesh). Soon 5 new tracks will be uploaded! We already work on our full album. Book us!