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Solid album with lyrics that verge on poetry

author: Tom Geddie - Buddy Magazine On his first my-name-is-on-the-front-of-the-album effort in 17 years, Randy Brown delivers a solid album with lyrics that at their best verge on poetry and with memorable musical accompaniment that fits each song well. Dream Big’s songs are mostly about common life experiences that we can all relate to. The CD best songs/performances are toward the end where Brown laments on “Tempus Fugit” that time is a bird of prey, “the wildest bird, that flutters just beyond your reach” and on “Truth is a Rabbit” (in a bramble bush)”. The latter title comes from a Pete Seeger quote. The CDs last song “Body of Clay” is the last song recorded by Brown’s now-defunct band Jealousy Motel – John Defoore on electric guitar and mandolin, Dirje Smith on acoustic and electric cellos, harmony vocals and Brown. Musically, Dream Big is a treat. Brown adds guitar, mandolin, autoharp, percussion, lap steel and on one song bass. Gordon McLeod adds fiddle, mandolin, guitar, piano, percussion, clarinet and penny whistle. Bob Gentry adds upright and electric bass and drums. Lynn Adler does backup vocals.