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vote for our music so that we win a gig at Pedro Pico Pop! if there is something we can help you out with, let us know and we will help you (like voting etc, name it) this is the link: http://www.sallandcentraal.nl/article.php?action=showarticle&id=33348

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greetz Chris

first EP is approaching

The champs were busy with 6 songs, now completed the recording and mastering It is time for our first EP. Last song on the EP has recorded this day and is named Girl of 30 years. Nowadays Experimental bluesrock, with a taste of the 60's and 70's. Songs are: Love 2.0 Sue Girl of 30 years Botox Queen Salary Man Sunny Afternoon

Following week we are busy with the artwork of the EP and fixing up the setlist for forthcoming gigs

greetz bootcamp champs

Start of the Bootcamp

Hello you all!

After a period of looking for new prospects with our last band The Muffties, we have decided to start a new project, called: Bootcamp Champs. We needed to do something really different than our indierock and wanted to play just as pure as music can be played. That's why we as a duo play experimental bluesrock with tight drumming and lots of instrumental wickedness. Be ready to be dazzled, cause the Bootcamp Champs are ready to play at venues

Bootcamp Champs: You can be one too!