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We just finished up the second record and are now planning our summer album release ,,funtimes coming,stay well my friends

A great compliment from a new fan.


Randy...you put my shower door in yesterday. Whoa, you are a talented soul and I love your music! I have shared your info on my FB page to get the word out about your amazing talents! My husband thinks you sound like Kurt Kobain, my 16-year old thinks you sound like Darius Rucker, and I think you sound like you should be on 'The Voice.' I agree with your wife~ :)

Regards, Gail Bolden

Echo Trace
Echo Trace  (about 3 years ago)

thanks so much for enjoying what we do,and also thanks for liking my work in your beautiful home,stay well...and good luck with your bird pics

Support local music.

Booking shows and spending this Friday night at Home.Doing Echotrace work..hope everyone has a great weekend.

Hey yo...

Hello just letting everyone know,2012 has been a great year for Echotrace,1st cd went great and most of the DNA fans have joined Keith and i on this new adventure.Thanks so much for the ones who support our dreams and much love to the local ST,Louis bands that have always been great to us.please keep up with us cause we're planning some cool stuff for 2013..thanks so much.

Been busy.

been practicing like crazy,played some cool gigs this year.we want to thank all our Family and Fans for a great year as Echotrace.Look forward to a whole line up of gigs and guest players..Thanks so much for your support.

Hey Echotrace fans.

Get ready for this Friday Oct26th,the CD Release party is finally here.thanks for all your support...see u there.

Steady writing.

working hard to release this live acoustic record.After this record is done prepare yourself for some great shows with us and friends,performing along side of us.we can't wait to be back out there again.Thanks so much for supporting us with our dreams,it means everything.thank you.

Hello fans

If you like our music please pass it on to your friends.Help us build a bigger Fanbase and we will forever thank you.