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Benny Hue Interview- done by Raymond Wisecarver

Benny Hue is a rising local musician and inspiration, but if you asked him, he'd probobly say he's a hippie. He's been recording music for just half a year now, and his style is old hip- hop, meets new hip- hop, with influences from Wiz Khalifa and Kid Cudi.

He Starts the interview lecturing interview skills and talking about Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne.

Raymond- What got you here?

Benny- A love of music. I played viola when I was young about 8 or 9 (he stopped the interview to sing with his friends as they walked by)

Benny- I got my first guitar around the same time, and I've been teaching myself since then, but i really got serious about guitar whe I was about twelve. My brother learned too, so we kind of pushed each other with competition.

Raymond- When did you get into hip- hop?

Benny- Well I started listning to it when I was a teenager but really got into it a little later. I always liked the beat and the lyrical style.

Raymond- So how did you you get into doing it yourself?

Benny- I used to freestyle a little with my friends when we'd smoke and just mess around with it to have fun. But they all started telling me I was pretty good at it, so I i thought "why not try and take it somewhere?" So Then I started writing lyrics... A lot of lyrics... Haha

Raymond- Did you do that on your own too?

Benny- Yeah, mostly. Well my friend Blake, he goes by Raptum now, He was pretty much like a mentor for me. Not as much with my writing lyrics, but more of mixing it, and actually recording it and getting it out. Almost everything I know about producing and mixing and mastering I learned from him. He's been producing for over three years now.

Raymond- So you play guitar, do you see yourself taking that anywhere, or just the hip- hop?

Benny- No. I want to pursue all types of music, honestly. I play folk music on the guitar, and write a few songs every now and then... I even wrote a little heavy metal. Just instrumental though... I'm actually planning on making a folk mixtape soon.

Raymond- That sounds like a nice project. But where do you want your music to go, lyric wise, in the near future?

Benny- Well, I want my lyrics to be deeper- have more meaning. Dreams, Things I've been through, stuff like that. All I want is for my name to live on, and my music to live forever.

"You can se a genuine love for music in this upcoming artist. He's been playing the guitar for years and still has the conviction to practice almost more often then the opportunity arises. Behind any chance at fame and fortune, anyone can tell he still makes music almost just for enjoyment, and release. However, if you asked him if he might possibly be famous one day, he'd respond, "I WILL be." Currently holding a high position on the chart for his city, he is number 17 out of more than 400. He's risen with admirable speed for a newcomer, he reports that these next couple years he's going to improve even more and promote himself more. This is one of the opportunities where you can recognize a great artist while still learning to walk. The statement he sems to make everytime someone mentions he's a good rapper is, "I'm not a rapper. I'm a hip- hop artist." At the end of my interview, I asked him to define music. He said, "Music is an expression of reality, when all else fails, and all else blows." He was laughing at the time.


Today was awesome. I got a my manager, moved up 161 spots on the charts and goit about 150 fans... not bad... should be getting better and better as time goes on!