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Mixtape FINISHED!!!!

So I just left SEM studio, Lam Masta did his thing. My mixtape is finished. And to tell you the truth, for the most part, I'm amazed that it's me. Well not me, but God threw me. I thank God for music and can't wait till 3/22 cause it's ON!!!! LRR-VA-SEM-FSR


So its finally done... Took me a bit cause I have a full time job, run my own business, and im married with two kids... So I think I did pretty good. 3/22 @ Ginos in Utah its going down... Im stoked. Have to buy the mixtape to hear the last few... Sorry.. Thanks for ANY love and support. Stay strong, work hard, TRUST GOD! -Gedword LRR


So i'm not even sure what a blog is, but i'm gonna give it my best y'all.. What i'm gonna "blog" about is making it big in the rap game. (blowin)... And to start off with, if you aren't familiar with SLC local hip hop, let me be the first to tell you, YOU'RE MISSING OUT! Nothing but talent here in the Lake.. I mean aside from the trendy, non committal "MC's" out here.. I mean from Kaotic to SEM, to 801 Family (among much more) You get a nice variety of quality hip hop music! Now what bothers me is when you turn on the radio, or TV and see this non talented, ear aching, simple, elementary ass music, (for the most part). That is what really grinds my gears y'all.. Especially when I know about all the really quality music being laid down in the Lake.. But there's one thing I know for sure! And that is, as soon as one if us FINALLY BREAKS THROUGH, the industry is going to get they mind blown!! And I can't wait for that day! So until then RN stay up, stay true, and SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC! Gedword-