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Split tape w/ Nethtra!

This piece of nightmare, MEMOIRES EFFROYABLES will be out very soon! We are very proud of it! Limited to 100 copies! You can pre-order it at ancientniggurath@gmail.com

Review on ''Horrors and Wonders'' from Métal Obscur!

Throw an eye on at : http://metalobscur.com/demos/

Horrors and Wonders DOWNLOAD IT


Finally, this first demo Horrors and Wonders is now available under the Netlabel Mortem est Propositum.


Enjoy and support!

First release ''Horrors and Wonders'' demo 2012

The very first release ''Horrors and Wonders'' from Ancient Niggurath will be available for FREE download soon! Contain 3 tracks in this order:

1 - Visions from Kadath 2 - In the shadow out of time 3 - A grotesque dance of Azathoth

27 minutes of anguished darkness...