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Working in the summer break

Hello dear fans and "Acaps", where we live in Germany we´re entitled to a Summer break right now, everyone´s going on holiday.... Thank God we´ve got some time in between to: Write new songs, overwork some older material - due to changes - think about the future. See our small gigs to come in August and October - and see what we´ll make of it!

We wish you pleasant and sunny days - stay with us! Singcerely, ADD ONE

New power

Hello dear fans and “Acaps”, the year goes by so fast, really. We´re near Christmas soon, and we´re gonna send you greetings here, too. The rest of the year, though, we´ll spend rehearsing - perhaps looking by some Christmas market or city centre? You´ll see! But first: The NEWS. As you have read: We´ve got a new line-up! We heartily welcomed, with our gig at the Café Theater Schalotte Berlin, DANIEL JÜTTE und JUDITH SIMON! (means of course: in public!) Someone may have looked closely at Facebook : Judith already helped us a great deal in September in Bochum. Now we´re even more complete – five again! Visit THE BAND to find more infos about our “freshmen” and “-women”. We promise you: This teamwork is gonna be great! Also in the works: Our first EP for demo and hopefully for sale! Probably ready before Christmas; we´re gonna promote it when it´s there, everywhere we can! Last but not least there´s gonna be some concert dates for 2015 coming on. The first is Hattersheim just next to Frankfurt. By the way: Our Berlin concert is documented here: www.youtube.com/AddOneVideos – Playlist: ADD ONE LIVE CU soon, so long! Singcerely, your (now 5) ADD ONEs


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