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November 14, 2013

Happy November!

I’ve just returned from a great trip to London in the UK! I had some wonderful meetings over there with theatre producers, artists, and publishers, discussing exciting projects that are in the works. A highlight of my trip was going to an event at the Frontline Club to celebrate the launch of Kathy Eldon’s book, “In the Heart of Life.” Ali Isabella & Kathy EldonKathy was recorded and filmed, presenting excerpts from her book and film clips, later holding a Q&A session. The event once more reminded me of how important to me the Creative Visions Foundation, Dan Eldon’s story, and the aims of all the wonderful people involved to “change the world through creativity” are. I am so honored to be a Global Youth Ambassador for the foundation! Currently, I am working to finalize the materials to take the message to high schools in the coming months to try and inspire the youth to follow their dreams and at the same time try and make the world a better place. If you’d like to be involved in this great project, reach out to me on my Twitter, @IMAliIsabella, and I’ll be happy to show you how you too can be a creative activist!

In other news, I have finally started to pull together songs for my second album! I am beyond excited to announce this and I look forward to sharing some new music with all of you! Stay tuned!

Ali Isabella Talks to Star Scoop

THE STAR SCOOP: Hi Ali! Tell us more about your song “Taking My Own Sweet Time.” ALI ISABELLA: “Taking My Own Sweet Time” is a fun summer song about kicking back and just seeing where life takes you. I’m a very big “go with the flow” kind of person, and I think that everything really does happen for a reason. This new single is about enjoying life and taking the time to figure out who you want to be and where you want to end up. If you surround yourself with people who genuinely love you and support you, I truly believe that your dreams are endless and you can accomplish anything. THE STAR SCOOP: Who inspires your musical sound? How would you describe it? ALI ISABELLA: I am inspired by country, pop, and jazz music. Some of the artists that inspire me are Frank Sinatra, Norah Jones, Colbie Caillat, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, and Adele. I would describe myself as a crossover artist and as a singer-songwriter. I pull from a lot of different places and in the process try to create my own unique sound. THE STAR SCOOP: “Out of Tune Guitar” reminds me a little of Taylor Swift. Is she someone you look up to? ALI ISABELLA: Yes, definitely! Everything that she has accomplished at such a young age is really inspiring. Especially as a singer- songwriter, I definitely look up to her in terms of her songwriting ability. THE STAR SCOOP: How excited were you to already chart on Billboard at such a young age? ALI ISABELLA: I was really excited! I wrote “New York City Country Girl” as a fun, danceable song with my good friend Anton Mullan. I never dreamed that it would go as far as it did on the Billboard charts – it was definitely a good surprise! THE STAR SCOOP: This summer we hear you’re going on the Cirque Musica Tour and the Camplified Tour. Tell us more about both. ALI ISABELLA: I just finished the first part of the Cirque Musica tour. Cirque Musica is a unique show that combines circus performances with a full symphony orchestra. On the other hand, the Camplified tour is just about to begin. Camplified is a tour that travels to summer camps all over the U.S. and it will definitely be an exciting experience for me because I’ll be able to interact and perform to kids my own age. THE STAR SCOOP: How did you get to be involved in these tours and what should people prepare for if they come out? ALI ISABELLA: My friend Debbie Gibson recommended me for the Cirque Musica tour and she wrote both of the songs that I performed. As I said before, Cirque Musica is a totally different experience that involves circus acts with a symphony orchestra. I think people of all ages will really enjoy this show. THE STAR SCOOP: What else do you have going on this summer? ALI ISABELLA: I’m performing at The Bitter End, as well as doing a performance outside of the World Trade Center in New York in between my tours. THE STAR SCOOP: What can we expect from you in the fall? ALI ISABELLA: I’ll be performing to support my new single, as well as busy recording my new album. THE STAR SCOOP: What is something we don’t know about you yet? ALI ISABELLA: I really love horseback riding. In fact, I gave it up to focus on my music career. THE STAR SCOOP: What would you like to say to your fans? ALI ISABELLA: Thank you so much for listening to my music and supporting me along the way! I hope to give you a lot of new music this year!

Ali Isabella Releases New Single

Released Today!

Ali Isabella releases new single "Taking My Own Sweet Time." The teen sensation delivers follow up to her chart-topping single "New York City Country Girl" & tours nationally.

Singer-songwriter Ali Isabella has kicked off Summer 2013 with a headlining vocal performance singing songs penned by Debbie Gibson for the arena tour of Cirque Musica and with a star turn in the Camplfied Tour, a celebrity, music and branded interactivity live experience. Today, Ali debuts "Taking My Own Sweet Time" the lead single off of her upcoming project.

Here's what Ali has to say about the new song:

“Taking My Own Sweet Time” is a fun summer song about kicking back and just seeing where life takes you. I’m a very big “go with the flow” kind of person, and I think that everything really does happen for a reason. This new single is about enjoying life and taking the time to figure out who you want to be and where you want to end up. If you surround yourself with people who genuinely love you and support you, I truly believe that your dreams are endless and you can accomplish anything.

I debuted the single for the first time on the Camplified Tour this month and have been singing the song for all the kids! Be sure to check out the video on my Youtube Channel too! I was so excited to have my friends in the video - we had a blast filming the video in Montauk, NY earlier this summer :)


P.S. My new single is also available now to download on iTunes!

Ali 3

2013 Camplified Tour

Ali Isabella is off to camp this summer...that is 14 different camps on the 2013 Summer Camplified Tour! Ali kicked off the tour on July 4th where she shared the stage with other up and coming young artists such as Cover Drive, Ares Carter, Chuck Threezy and Audio Revival rocking out with over 400 campers and counselors to some great music!

One of the unique things about Camplified is being able to interact with the campers before the concert in special Camplified sponsored activities. Following the days activities, the artists perform a concert for the campers followed by a meet and greet.

As Ali said, she could tell that the campers, as well as the counselors, really enjoy the Camplified Show, singing along, dancing, jumping up and down - it's a great time and a great experience for the kids, some who have never been to a real concert before!

Ali has performed already at Camp Southwoods, Camp Kinder Ring, Camp Lokanda, Camp Golden Slipper & Camp Greenwood Trails. Next up is Camp Louemma in Sussex, NJ! Check out Ali's website for the complete schedule at http://www.AliIsabella.com and visit the Camplified Site to learn about the tour http://www.Camplified.com

Montauk Music Festival April 18 & 19

May 10, 2013

Singer/Songwriter Ali Isabella will be featured on several stages at the 4th annual Montauk Festival http://www.themontaukmusicfestival.com Saturday, May 18th and sunday, May 19th in Montauk, NY this month.

Trailblazing 17-year-old Ali Isabella has accomplished what many her age only dream of while about to graduate high school this June. Headlining for two Pre-Grammy Parties, her debut single "New York City Country Girl" racing pup the charts, and a schedule booked with tours from NYRC's legendary clubs, to Wembley Arena in London, England, Ali Isabella is set to take the world by storm.

This past year, Ali's debut single "New York City Country Girl" reached #14 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Sales Chart, and was #1 for four weeks on Billboard Country Hot 100 Singles Sales Charts.

Catch one of Ali's performances in Montauk! On Saturday, May 19th Ali will be performing her original songs in an acoustic set at Manucci's from 7:30-8:30 PM, as well as at Zum Schneider from 10:00-11:00 PM with her band. On Sunday, May 19th from 5:00-5:50 PM, Ali Isabella will be performing two sets at The Surf Lodge.


Ali Isabella on FUSE News

April 10, 2013

Ali Isabella is featured on FUSE News TV in their "Fresh Cut Artist" Series April 10th. Ali is getting ready to break out in a big way. She's a typical 17 year old high school student drawing inspiration in her songs and lyrics from her everyday life. For Ali, music is the happy place in her life and a way that she can express her feelings. She credits Taylor Swift as a big inspiration and encourages all young people to be themselves and don't let others keep you from being true to your own heart. Currently performing in New York and Los Angeles, Ali will be on tour this summer. Watch the interview aired on FUSE News TV here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPC-A9uwBv8 3 Ali

LA Grammy Week!

What a fun and cool week! I was really happy to leave the cold and wet weather in New York for sunny and warmer temperatures (a little warmer at least!) and spend some time in LA songwriting, meeting industry people and performing at a couple of Pre Grammy celebration parties supporting the 55th annual awards and St Jude's Children's Hospital! Early in the week I spent some time songwriting with Andy Street http://www.andystreetmusic.com which is always a blast! Andy is so much fun to work with and our time proved to be very inspiring as we managed to write 3 new songs together :) And speaking of inspiring... I spent some time with some amazing people at Creative Visions Foundation in Malibu. I was introduced to The Dan Eldon Center and learned about his life from his mom Kathy Eldon. I was very touched by his story and his mom gave me a wonderful book about his life. It is absolutely the most inspiring thing I have ever read. Please check it out! http://www.creativevisions.org

In addition to meeting up with some great friends and hanging out at Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier, the highlight of my week were the performances at The Firm LA at LoftSEVEN celebrating the Grammy Awards and benefiting St Jude's Children's Hospital. My band came from New York (on the last flight before the big blizzard!!) and we had a blast performing on the rooftop! During the day there was a cool gifting suite and I had a lot of fun meeting everyone. And the sunshine!! It felt great :) Thank you to everybody who came to see the show! The evening performance was pretty cool too and I was honored to meet so many interesting people in the music business. LA is such a fun and exciting place to perform.

We flew home early on Sunday after my performances. So great to get home with my family and my dogs (I missed them!) and watch the Grammy Awards on TV :) I'm looking forward to my next trip to LA!!

xx Ali

Year of Surprises

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year! This past year has definitely been a whirlwind for me, but at the same time, also a fun one! From Wembley Arena in the UK to places such as the Pre Grammy parties for Quincy Jones and Stevie Wonder in Los Angeles, CA to Central Park and Grand Central Station back here in NY, I have had the most amazing time playing with my band, meeting other musicians, songwriting, recording, and of course seeing all of you lovely people (the fans!). I want to thank each and every single one of you for supporting my music – it honestly means the world to me!

I’m especially proud of my songwriting this past year, celebrating my release of my album in the UK in February and then in the US through AIX records in June was amazing! And then the surprise of my first US single NY City Country Girl charting on the Billboard Hot 100 Single Sales Charts and even topping the Billboard Country Hot Single Sales for four weeks! Also in June I was selected for The New Music Seminar’s ‘Artist On The Verge” – Top 100 chart. I will always remember what fun it was to perform with my band in New York as a featured new artist during their music festival. Other firsts this year that I’ll never forget were appearances on FOX 5 Good Day New York, Central Park’s International Peace Day, Grand Central Station Metro North Getaway Days, Westchester Ridge Hill’s first annual tree lighting ceremony and filming the Take Time To Be Kind Thanksgiving Special for Community Auditions at Foxwoods Resort Hard Rock Cafe!

In this New Year, I will be releasing new music, so make sure to keep an eye out for that! Plans are under way now for another album! Also, I will be performing a whole lot more so stay connected with me on my website http://www.aliisabella.com. I’m also looking forward to my role this Spring as a March of Dimes Youth Ambassador for the Northern Metro Division Spring Walk for Babies. I’m excited that I can give back to my community through my music to help this wonderful organization help babies and families.

Stop by and LIKE my Facebook https://www.facebook.com/IMaliisabella, and follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/IMAliIsabella. 2013 will be full of surprises and I want to share them with you first! I’ve got a FREE mobile app available from the apple or android app stores…another great way to keep in touch with me and hear my latest releases!

Once again, thank you for supporting me – love you all! 2013 is going to be the best year yet and I look forward to seeing you all at my shows!

xoxo, Ali Isabella

Take The Time To Care

I filmed my first TV special this past weekend at Foxwood's Hard Rock Cafe with Community Auditions Star of the Day. The special will benefit the March of Dimes. I am honored to say that I was recently asked to be the Youth Ambassador for the Babies Division for March of Dimes in Westchester & The Hudson Valley regions of NY. My journey started with a tour of Maria Fareri Children's Hospital at The Westchester County Medical Center in August. Here I learned first hand about the wonderful programs that The March of Dimes has sponsored to help babies, those born healthy and those born who need help to survive and thrive. I'm determined in my music to give back and I am so happy to do this for the March of Dimes. They are a wonderful organization and I am very happy to be involved with programs that help children.

During the special that we filmed at Hard Rock Cafe Foxwoods, I sang four of my original songs and visited with the host of Community Auditions Ramiro, and special guest host Gretchen Rossi. They asked me lots of questions about not only my music but also about my role with The March of Dimes. It was an awesome experience and an opportunity that I am very grateful for. The special will air on the East Coast during Thanksgiving weekend so stay tuned to my website http://www.aliisabella.com for announcement when the special will air. It was a great day and I really enjoyed working with everyone - the crew was awesome! I encourage everyone to Take The Time To Care!! For more information about The March of Dimes..visit their website http://www.marchofdimes.com and learn more about them and how you can help too :)

TV Schedule for TAKE THE TIME TO CARE / Community Auditions Special Episode featuring Ali Isabella:

Saturday November 24 11:30 AM ENAC TV Providence "My R.I. TV" 10:30 PM WPXT TV Portland "Portland's CW" 12 Mid WBZ TV Boston CBS Ch 4

Sunday November 25 12 Noon WSBK TV38 Boston "MYTV" 12 Noon WPXT TV Portalnd "Portland's CW" 12 Mid WWLP TV-22 Springfield NBC

Monday November 26 1:00 AM WBZ TV Boston CBS Ch 4

Back To School

Summer was amazing! I can't believe it's September and time for school. This past week I've been catching up with music work and just thinking about the amazing opportunities I've been given. So many lovely people have helped me to make my dreams come true! Being able to perform as Ali Isabella and to create music and lyrics has been very special.

Performing was definitely a high point of the summer. I performed at some cool venues in New York City like Rockwood Music Hall, The Living Room, The Studio At Webster Hall, Arlene's Grocery, The Bitter End and the Friars Club! I also played a lot of venues in Westchester County, my favorite being The Bayou in Fleetwood. My band and I play here monthly and I love it because my friends come and hang out with me and my band and I try out a lot of my new music here.

I spent a lot of time in Nashville this summer too writing and recording. So much fun!! I have a new project I've been working on with Chas Sandford which I am very excited to finish and let everyone hear the new music!! The rest of my days in between performances and writing were filled with press meetings, filming my music video Crazy Beautiful Life and my video blogs. Oh, and I hung with my friends too and managed to find a few days where I could just sleep in and relax!! Ahhh...I love summer :) And will miss it dearly, but September is going to keep me busy with music and school so I guess I won't have too much time to think about it!! LOL

Hope your back to school year is going well and keep watching my website and Facebook: www.facebook.com/IMAliIsabella for all my exciting news!

Ali Isabella 3