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Comments from a show 5-10-2013

W.V., When you have the perfect combination of music and visuals, you pretty much end up with last night. Foddershock provided the perfect soundtrack to the FRAG artists' first exhibition last night, and by evening's end, it was apparent any other band would have been a horrific mismatch. Without question, no other band could have accurately conveyed the true heart and soul of the FRAG group, as Foddershock was able to capture. Every song is an anthem to our art, and a tribute to the miscreants who endeavor to persevere despite societal norms preaching the contrary. You are the audio equivalent of our visual efforts and, as kindred spirits, we appreciate what you added to our big soiree last last night. I hope you found an audience as hungry for outsider music, as they were for outsider art, and that this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between FRAG and Foddershock.

Thanks so much to you all! Malcolm, Jennifer And the whole FRAG Family

New Downloads and Ringtones !!!!

We just made available more mp3 downloads from Foddershock's "Somewhere Between Heifer & Hell", "Corn on Macabre", and "Roadkill Expressway" albums... As well as a few ringtones for that cellphone appendage.... Pick and choose any songs from any of those 3 fine fine albums...I think there are at least 39 tunes to choose from!!!!! Onward and upward.

Y'all..Show yer Support

Sign up and become a fan of this page....http://www.reverbnation.com/foddershock We know you're out there...

Disassemble Gospel Head

Put this retro Foddershock stylin' tune up...maybe just for a short period..just checkin out a new and fantastic recording program...so far I'm likin' it! Disassemble Gospel Head will be on our latest record.....

Can't Win For Boozin'

Tee-shirts and Hoodies at new lower prices. NEW....Can't Win For Boozin' Tee, and Inebriated and Fornicatin' Hoodie...be the most dysfunctional appalachian up the holler or on the ridge..order your's today and help support independent music

Fodder Garb

Just got my new Foddershock t-shirt, Figured I'd better check out the quality. Seems to be a fine product, so be sure and stop in for your very own stunningly stylish t-shirt or hoodie

Downloads Comin' Soon

In the comin' weeks we'll be adding a storefront, where's you'll be able to download Foddershock tunes, individually or complete records...course they'll mp3 format. I guess gone are the days of actually touching a record album and checkin' out the cool artwork that once graced the vinyl cover. But on the other hand, we'll be offering CDs from this site as well. But be forewarned..... they will cost more than buyin' them directly from us. But from what I can tell it seems to be a great product that should last years and years, or until your best bud cabbages it and never brings it back....