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Dub & King Maestro 48 Hours

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http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=547017 http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/itsdub-48-hours-mixtape.100175.html?song-1

This mixtape is featuring CGM , TeamFlight, & RME Entertainment artists Dub & King Maestro. The production of this mixtape was done in the process of 48 hours of working time. Official Website: www.artistecard.com/Dub & www.artistecard.com/KingMaestro

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CG Music Studios is aspiring to finish 3 Albums CG Music Studios Vol.1 compilation, DAS Soapbox Music and DUB Dreams to Reality..

Here's your chance to help us create the album of an lifetime, so we need your assistance in doing so, and you can't let this slide by.

Computer Generated Music, is looking to release three albums, comprised of all original material—with hopes of expanding their sound—diversely on a wider scale. The " CGM Compilation " will have various types of genres such as Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, and even Gospel.

CGM is an exciting up-and-coming set of artists compromising of all age group Artists, Michael Nash ( Das ), Johnathan Wheeler ( Dub ), and more. We are currently building a STRONG INDEPENDENT TEAM. You name it, we’re trying to build a team as far as ASPIRING ARTISTS WITH MORE THAN ONE TALENT, MODELS, GRAPHIC DESIGNERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, and more. We currently have a OKAY FANBASE in the Northwest Indiana region but our goal is to take it over the top. We know for sure that we have the talent and you can give us a listen to see if we really do. Soundcloud.com/DubOfficialPage Soundcloud.com/Dastinkt or YouTube.com/ThisIsJDub. Developing our craft isn't even a good word to describe the work we're doing. It's developed, We just need your help to take it to the next level. Our upcoming albums titled " Up On My Soap Box " , " Dreams to Reality " , and " CGM Compilations Vol .1 " are all albums recorded mixed and mastered in Computer Generated Music Studios. Another thing that was not mentioned in the video is Artist - Dub will also be Releasing a Mixtape entitled " Innovation " free of charge to the world. Das also is working hard to release upcoming singles “Last Words” and “Alphabet Song” which also received high appraise from music taste-makers and critics alike.

Furthermore, we’ve come rather far on our own without a major label backing us, and of course, to hire such [top-notch] specialists with the in-depth skill set and expertise to create a Grade-A recording; it will cost a ton of money to complete the albums. With the combined expenses—mainly from the network and marketing perspective—such as promotion, Radio Play, Pressing CD's, we want to make sure we can produce the best project possible, without anything holding us back from achieving this goal.


Thanks You Supporters | Dub

I wanted to personally thanks all of the supporters of " Dub ". It takes alot to make something and even more to get heard and with your help it makes the process much easier. I wanted to apologize on the wait for more music, its just been some difficulties going on in my personally life that I couldn't produce the music that I very well wanted to. BUT!!! Now the show is back on the road and more music will be released SOON! I want to THANK ALL OF YOU SUPPORTERS OUT THERE ! :D Keep supporting and don't be shy... Contact me sometimes or even let your friends hear my music. Anyway I didn't want to take up much of your time, but THANKS AGAIN.

P.S. The Tumblr page will be up and running soon !

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Whats good everyone this is Dub, Just wanted to inform yall that the Movement is Real ! #CoAMG

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