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Looking back at 2013

Well our year is finally over. Looking back at where we were at the beginning of the year and the momentum we had, the year had its biggest ups and downs in my opinion. We started out the year by going pretty much non-stop from the end of last year into a few early shows at the beginning of the year. It wasn't until we started the album and got put onto our first festival that we realized things were moving in the direction we wanted. But as always little problems and issues can grow out of hand. It all really made itself apparent in Lake Tahoe. The weekend we had was amazing seeing a festival from the eyes of performers instead of a paying customer was really different. The bond Drew, Kevin, Brian and myself made that weekend showed that we four could survive shit. Our drummer was nowhere to be found and we were stressing out a lot. If it was not for the Boys in Otis, we would have been fucked. But we managed to get the job done. After a few discussions we managed to get our house in order. Then came one of our biggest surprises and one of our best shows ever. Opening up for Lich King in Oakland. We brought our A game that night. After that we had a few shows here and there until the infamous night where our drummer had walked out on us. Now I assure we were mad as hell and were at our lowest point in a very long time. So once again we began the search for a new drummer. As soon as we found Kyle shit clicked and we prepped for our first show back after about two months. What was supposed to be a show to welcome our new drummer ended up becoming a totally bad ass night. With Exmortus joining the show line up, the show smashed all expectations as well as created new friendships. As the last few show would wind down, we decided it was time to take a well deserved break til next year. Now we can focus on tying up loose ends and being ready for whatever 2014 may hit us with. See you next year

Thank You

We need to thank every single one of you who made this year great for us. You are all the reason we keep doing this. We love all of you. Hope to see you all again next year. We got a few things we are working on and we hope you will like them. Stay Metal. HTK

This one's for Patty

Patty we love you Lots. You are probably one of our biggest supporters. Thats all for now

Our bands journey

We have struggled quite a bit this last year and a half but everything has finally begun to get to where it needs to be. Since starting in 2010 we have had our fair share of ups and downs. We are losing one member but gaining two new ones. Starting in May we start a new chapter in the story of Hang the Kode.