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Syr Mahber

Syr Mahber is a compilation disc produced by SOJA featuring various artists including: Bobby Lee (SOJA), Luciano, Prezident Brown, Zedicus, Queen Ifrica, Ras Attitude, Jacob Hemphill (SOJA), Sister Carol, Ras Abel, Batch, Tony Rebel, Fear Nuttin Band, Don Carmelo (Gomba Jahbari), Jah Dan & Junior Kelly. Each artist was hand picked by SOJA to form a musical family tree with roots in “Be Aware” and “Faith Works.” Infusing sounds from Ethiopia, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Washington DC, St. Croix & Brooklyn NY —- Time will prove Syr Mahber to be a unique and unparalleled “riddim cd” as it is often referred to in the Caribbean.

Syr Mahber - A SOJA Production Track Listing:

1. Be Aware- Bobby Lee (SOJA) 2. Faith Works- Bobby Lee (SOJA) 3. Hold On- Luciano 4. Trod Again- Prezident Brown 5. Simien Breeze- Zedicus 6. I Rise up- Queen Ifrica 7. Face Off- Ras Attitude 8. Rest Of My Life- Jacob Hemphill (SOJA) 9. Decadence- Sister Carol 10. Unconditional Love- Ras Abel 11. Neck Tie- Batch 12. I Know- Tony Rebel 13. Beware- Fear Nuttin Band 14. What Do You See?- Don Carmelo 15. No Way- Jah Dan 16. Damn- Junior Kelly

A release party is scheduled for October 4th, 2008 at The State Theatre in Falls Church VA. SOJA will perform live with special guests.