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My Life

i float through fields of swine and swamps of retarded divine like butterflies under bloodshed skies hearing the endless silent cries of swans entrapped in the world's demise. through the atrocities and hypocrisies of all that remains breathing i laugh in the face of serpents and cowards all no different from those they defy in ignorance through bitter tolerance and spiritual indigence. the gluttony of lies combined with the poison of liars and deceivers alike multiply the insanity to a fine grain of madness no other could muster to comprehend or define the essence of what of all is prevalent. i ponder the magnificent altitude of drastic temper and exploiting motivation for the laughter needed to apprehend even the most mortal of possibilities, for everything i have could quickly turn to dust in the glimpse of growing eyelashes within the depths of stricken confidence and corrupted postures. to praise what you can not fathom or dignify is not a sign of humility or strength, but a mere weakness in the capabilities of self imposed mental retardation and mediocre verbal impediments. they ask why i have not changed and what i would like to do, as if a revelation from the obscurity of chaotic manifestation would provide shelter for the agitation and misconception ahead. and so the unknown leads the blind, shedding not answers or motives, but reasons for reflection and abrupt discontinuance of desperate seeking. there is no i. only you, which will die. and so the eternal will remain sublime followed and chased by clutches and crutches. no infinity. no forever. only eternity and the endless struggle for comprehension.