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Sharon Little is a popular singer/songwriter who originated from Philadelphia, PA. Her songs have been heard on CSI-NY, The Cleaner, NCIS, plus other TV shows. She toured with Robert Plant as the opening act. She has 2 CD's out: Perfect Time For A Breakdown, and Paper Doll.

Please help her by donating money so she can get her 2nd CD completed. Click on, or copy & paste the link provided below: http://www.feedthemuse.net/sharonlittle.

Thank you for your help!

VICTORIA WINTERS also originated from Philadelphia, PA, and has a Debut CD coming out w/ Tate Music Group (TMG) soon. The CD is titled, "Fate" by Victoria Winters. It'll be posted on: www.tatemusicgroup.com


I'm amazed that there aren't more new artists being signed by Record Labels. I hear so many gifted musicians on ReverbNation, and MySpace.

I've had Indie Artist Management Companies handling my venue, and CD sales "along with me flying solo promoting myself" up until last year. Now I'm doing it totally solo, along with most of you. I'll tell ya, most of these Management Companies are RIP OFFS. If you really want to perform live on stages across the nation, or in your hometown, you've gotta pay to play. If you don't invest in yourself, then be rest assured "nobody else will either."

I'm a newbie here at ReverbNation. I haven't checked out many of you other artists as of yet, ONLY due to I was setting up my new site.

I'll be making my rounds, helping to promote all the artists that I enjoy and I hope you will do the same for me.

It's nice meeting you all! Now, let's make some music!