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ITunes! Aluminum Sky!

8 Song Release, Aluminum Sky Available on Itunes! Stop by the store and check it out! You can either buy it for $7.92, or pick out your Favorite Song for .99 Cents! Thank you for all the support Concrete Injection fans! We self produced, but would like to thank Jonathan out of Tone Factory, for Mastering our Tracks! Like to Thank David Dees, for his wonderful artwork of the Album Cover, we also would like to thank Joey Radke for his wonderful Photography and I to make us look as cool as we can be. We would also like to thank all the musicians out there from which we are inspired and write music! Thanks and god bless! \m/

Die Anyways EP

"Die Anyways"


Thank You

To all the Concrete Injection fans we thank you! Because of you guys, we are Ranked #1 Metal band in Minnesota Reverbnation Charts. We know we aren't because there is so many great Metal bands in Minnesota, but it is nice to be recognized no matter how they figure that out.

T-Shirts For Sale

We have these T-shirts available at a very affordable price. Check out the link and put your bid in, it will be shipped ASAP. These are going fast so get yours today! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Official-Concrete-Injection-Band-100-Cotton-Black-Graphic-T-shirt-/111586073826?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19fb0c5ce2

Vulnerable Skin For Sale

Vulnerable Skin available for sale in all major stores! Get your copy now! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/vulnerable-skin/id955257223?i=955257256&ign-mpt=uo%3D4


Almost finished recording our EP "Die Anyways" We will keep you updated on its current development so stay tuned. Its a six song EP with two Bonus Tracks. 1. Remorse 2. Blinded 3. Vulnerable Skin 4. Angel 5. Decompose 6. Stained Teeth Bonus Tracks Devil's Crypt Decay of Society

Thank you

Our run in the top 20 of Music World Radio is over. Vulnerable Skin last 10 months on their website. We couldn't of made it that long without the ongoing support from you fans! Thank you so much, and we are currently working on some new songs which we will post within the next few months, god bless!

Vulnerable Skin

We are happy to announce, we have finished the new recording of Vulnerable Skin at Sunlight Basin Studios. We hope to have the new recording soon. Should be killer! \m/

Warped Magazine Interviews Concrete Injection

Our interview with Warped Magazine is published, check it out and give us a like! http://warpedmag.com/concrete-injection-devils-crypt/

Top 20 chart for Music World Radio

Hi, we would like to thank everyone who has supported us! We have spent 12 weeks on Musicworldradio.com Top 20 charts with our recording of Vulnerable Skin. We are also working on new recordings and hope when you have some time and give us a listen. Tell us your likes and dislikes, fan feedback is ultimately the most important. Life is short, rock on!