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Hex 2.1

So we had a fantastic show on July 24th right at home base in Allston. Being Scott's last show, we where very glad it went well. Now its time to welcome Brian into the band. We launch Hex 2.1 live in August! We are excited for the next phase of the band.


We played our first show with Jack this past weekend and it was decent. Looking forward to more shows coming this summer. Hope to see you all out there.


So we finally found a new drummer in Allston local Jack Snyder and its going very well. Jack's style will bring a new bent to Hex's sound for sure. We are now back to booking shows!


So the search for a new drummer continues. We have a very good prospect that we are confident will work out! We will keep you posted.

Summer 2013

Its been a while since we blogged. We had a great Spring playing all over before taking a break in June. We returned to the stage in July and have more shows in the works or fall. New songs are also taking shape and we hope to start recording again this winter.

Winter/ Spring 2013

Been so much fun playing a bunch of shows in and out of Boston this Winter and Spring. We are taking a few weeks off to recharge the batteries, work on some new material, and some demos before we play Methuen, MA July 27tth. More shows to come after that.

Fall 2012

Sorry its been so long since the last blog...(is anyone even reading this?)

Anyway......Things have been great for us overall. Its been a lot fun playing with such good friends like Hollow Cross and Deergod the past few months. Its a bonus to have friends in good bands! :-) We will be playing with them again in the coming months.

Its was also very cool to meet and play with bands like The Tenfly Vipers and Bedroom Rehab Corporation. Playing shows with all these bands has been a treat for us.

We where also lucky enough to be featured on a podcast aired by The Soda Shop early September, and our friend Daryl from Daryl's Metal Show was kind enough to do an interview with us and play some of the music from the III EP later that month. Big thanks!!

However, not all has been perfect. We are still struggling to get shows outside of the Bston area, I guess due to the risk of a low draw at the door. (Very understandable!) However Silk City Music in Northampton, MA has been kind enough to offer us slots at the Silk City Taproom in Florence this fall! We are pretty pumped about that.

We have got a bunch of other shows coming up too! Our first time at the Beachcomber in Quincy Friday Oct 12, as well as our debut at the Midway Cafe Nov 5th in JP! And of course O'Brien's Pub in allston 12/12/12!

All for now...thanks for reading.


Well, its been a hotter summer than usual, but the band has kept on rehersing and getting ready for our August 8th show with Deergod and our good friends Hollow Cross. We are also looking forward to playing with Sons of Young from Columbia SC! Its will be a cool show with some variety, but not too much variety! We hope to see some more reviews of our EP III in the coming months as well as more shows. We will see.

And now its July

Well, the band had a good month in June. We had a great time playing shows both in and out of our hometown of Boston. Its always cool to play in front of new people, see/meet many bands, and mingle with other music fans. Now we start the month of July with the first review of our debut EP in The Noise-Boston, and its a positive one!! Plus we got another show coming up on the 7th that has us playing with all kinds of genres of music. We are very excited for what the summer will bring.