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Call us Lovers?

Uploaded Call us Lovers. Track 11 from the Enemy Sessions. I have a very vague recollection as to how this song evolved. I discovered the song on a digital four track and I have no memory of recording it or writing the words, It took many listens trying to translate the lyrics but the strange song has become a favourite.

Theme From The Remote Video & Lyrics

Added video Theme from The Remote. Written for a short film I made called The Remote. This song is track 7 on The Enemy Sessions Album. Film to follow. Thanks. Theme from The Remote Lyrics

Everything appears as it is meant to fade Everything changes shape In The Remote there is no more rain I want to rest and I want to escape But the internal is pending upon my every movement Following If I can sit and forget then there is nothing to influence But I remember the words Everything appears If I can distract the internal I will have some relief But them I remember the words ‘As it is meant to fade’ If I can keep still long enough I can remain undetected Then there is nothing and everything Passes away and I feel unattached But I remember the words ‘Everything changes shape, everything changes’

Nemesis Uncle & The Enemy Session_Brief History

1995 in the City of Plymouth I formed a musical project and called it Germinal; I had recorded music under the name of Swelling Soul previously and released an acoustic album called ‘Infinity Land’ and ‘The Leathered EP.’ The EP that would establish Germinal as the new name was called Too Long in this Light and was featured on a compilation album called interchords. By 1999 I had relocated to South Wales and Germinal had formed into a band. In 2001 ‘Contagion is a good thing EP’ was released on HTT with distribution through Plastic Head and the band went into a studio near Bodmin Moor Cornwall to record the foundations of the Album ‘From Hibernation.’ In 2002 I stopped working with Germinal as a band. (Germinal being of a heavier rock/acoustic orientated sound), Enemy: During the period of 2002 and 2005 I continued as an acoustic act I recorded a selection of songs with Chris Mildren (aka Organeth) Guitarist and long term Germinal collaborator. The songs formed an unreleased 5 track EP called ENEMY and for me capture the idea and the essence of my songs in their purest form; as homage to this achievement the CD remained on my shelf for many years to follow. In 2005 I reformed the band Germinal to finish and release the album ‘From Hibernation.’ In 2006 ‘From Hibernation’ was released on Elemental Sounds Records in partnership with Lockjaw Records with distribution through Plastic Head. 2010 I stopped working with the band preferring to concentrate on producing my songs in their original acoustic format. Nemesis Uncle: During 2010 I revisited a large amount of unused songs I had laying dormant on a digital 4 track spanning the period of 2004 – 2010. Of the many songs I recovered 20 now form the Enemy Sessions Album including the original Enemy CD. In October 2011 Nemesis Uncle was formed.

No Amount of Darkness

Originally written in 1991; the first recording of this song featured on the 1992 album Infinity Land under the name of Swelling Soul. The song remained un-listened to and un-played for almost two decades. I recorded this version in 2011 having found an updated half finished version on a digital four track and as of May 2012 No Amount of Darkness is now happily incorporated into the Nemesis Uncle live set.

Gutter Fish

Written in 2010 the song is referring to individuals who use the name of Jesus or God to commit acts of War, suffering and Mental Manipulation to justify their own vicious and cruel intentions over the lives of others.


Written in 1999 the song is about forbidden love in a difficult landscape/environment. Interpret how you will.

Enemy Sessions

Enemy Sessions Track Listing 1. Gutter Fish 2. Drowner 3. The Crashing 4. The Routine of Strange Incidents 5. Skin 6. Without Love 7. Theme from the Remote 8. 6 Times 9. One Great Emotion 10. Witness 11. Call us Lovers? 12. Clean_ Pass away Version 13. Cold Devotion 14. Rooms of My Church 15. No Amount of Darkness 16. The Passenger didn’t know 17. Enemy 18. Reasons 19. Self Killing 20. Cavity_Demo

Enemy Sessions is released on 15/10/12