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New News

Hello there, the new album titled Nemesis Uncle will be released 1st September 2016. Four songs from the album have been uploaded and the full album can be heard on Sound Cloud. Newsletter to follow. It's good to be back.

My Love has Grown

Song and video lyric sheet have been added. Enjoy! Purvis.

Video Song Book titles added

Song of Judas, Murderous Ideals and We Climb have been added to videos from the Enemy Sessions 2 video song book. I hope you enjoy. DP.

New Albums

Enemy Sessions 2 will be available for download on 16/6/15 - the first 4 songs from the new album have been added to playlist's and a video songbook will be available through youtube/nemesisuncle.com 'Exit Before the Gallows' will be released later this year/early 2016.

Exit Before The Gallows

Currently in the final stages of mastering the New Album 'Exit Before The Gallows' More detail to follow in next Nemesis Uncle Newsletter due out the 21/03/14. Many Thanks, Darren.

Preparing for 2014

Thank you to all who have visited and listened and purchased Nemesis Uncle songs this year. Two new albums are in preparation for the forthcoming 2014 - details to follow after the seasonal break. Wishing everyone a Happy and peaceful Holiday. Kind Regards, Darren.

Amazon Review

New review of Enemy Sessions added from Amazon mp3 in the press section.

Drowner & One Great Emotion

Added footage of recent rehearsal for Drowner, a personal favourite. Also One Great Emotion a more slower but more enjoyable paced version than the previous Germinal version on 'From Hibernation' which echos the original version I had written. I Hope you Enjoy! DP.

Rooms of My Church

Recent Rehearsal footage uploaded for 'Rooms of My Church'. Featuring Gareth Anthony on Bass. Originally published as a poem in 'Catch the Moment' for Poetry today. Enemy Sessions is now available through itunes, Amazon mp3 among others. Thanks. Nemesis Uncle

Rehearsal Footage Added to Videos

Uploaded rehearsal versions of Gutter Fish and No Amount of Darkness, organised and prepared by Gareth Anthony. Filmed 16/9/12