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Thank you to all fans and reverbnation fans

Thanks to all who have become a fan on my reverbnation page and reverbnation fans also ill return your favor also

My Outlaw Song

My outlaw song has made top 5 in east Texas music awards voting I'm in the final round of voting go to my Facebook timeline and vote voting ends may 31 I am a finalist for single of the year outlaw song go vote y'all please

my new 8 Second Ride Cd

I have my new CD here 5 awesome songs including Better Man and The Outlaw Song. and 3 more I've been told its a well worth your money so her yours at 10 bucks a piece

the east texas music awards

The etx music awards starts up again tommrow y'all please jump over to my Facebook page and east Texas music page and nominate me and vote just hit up east Texas music music fan page on Facebook and vote there please and thank you.

My cd is out 5 songs

By my new CD today 10 bucks its sounds great and worth every penny of your mone

Get My new CD

My new CD dedicated to the late great chris ledoux a song i wrote 8 second ride

New CD 8 second ride coming soon

My new CD 8 second ride dedicated to the late great Chris Ledoux 5 songs will be on it Th e Outlaw Song, 8 second ride,Never wanna say goodbye and the one and only Better man nomninated for best video best song and more in the etx music awards get your copy today

my live video in lufkin tx with klnm tv and east texas grip