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2012 Recap!!

We have just 3 shows left this year. DO NOT MISS!!! As 2012 winds down, it's time to reflect a little, as this has been our most successful year since our inception. Here's a quick recap...

-We released two very well received original music videos and songs in She's a Zombie and Stereo -We broke our personal record for shows in a year -We brought on the very talented and super fun Jim Mosher to finally round out our three piece JNB -Our YouTube channel is about to hit 100,000 views by year's end, mostly on the strength of our Sweet Child O' Mine video which has reached 70,000 videos and some of the most amazing comments from viewers around the world!!

Official Release of She's a Zombie TODAY!!

Hello everyone,

If you've been on our website or Facebook/Twitter etc... you know that I've been working on (and posting) the work-in-progress video, song and website for our new single "She's a Zombie." Well, as of today, everything is complete and posted in its finalized versions. I designed a webpage where everything can be viewed. The page contains the FREE DOWNLOAD (that's right, we don't want your money, we're just having fun), the video, the story, tons of pictures from the video shoot and all the credits. A lot of hard work from a lot of different people was required to get this done and we sincerely hope you enjoy!! http://www.joenacco.com/shesazombie.html

Thanks, Joe Nacco Band & Crew http://www.joenacco.com

Quasi Head Reunion?!

In the year 2000... Three young men took over the town of Schenectady with nothing more than a little hard work, a decent amount of talent and a lot of partying! Over the course of the next two years these young men became legends as they set the groundwork for what would become the revitalization of an entire town. They were often mistaken as socialites as they inhabited places like Sportsworld, Gepettos, The Union Inn and The Riverhouse. The three men consisted of a jolly bald man who was often referred to as King (mostly by him), a slender but tall, kazoo wielding, jack of all trades and a ridiculously sexy hunk with a smile that made young ladies parents nervous. They called themselves HEAD. Their reign was short but well lived. The men went their separate ways and did some brilliant things, but the ghost of their union still hangs over Schenectady much like the word sketchy does.

Fast forward to 2012... This Saturday night, two of those men will reunite in Ballston Spa for the first time in what will be seen by many as a legendary. While it will be called the Joe Nacco Band at Jay's Bar & Grill, it will be so much more!!!

Joe Nacco Band

Welcome to our page! We will be playing some exciting shows and really some super cool music this year. We hope to see you soon!!