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Dave Halladay / Blog

Reverberation pulls shop app.

Hey guys, Just found out that Reverbnation is pulling the plug on the store. Well pissed off. I've embedded the code on all my social media and main website. I make absolutely no money from my music and don't have the resources to bulk buy merch and/or cd's, the store allowed me to have an inventory with no upfront costs. Everything was printable on demand. I really liked that service. What am I supposed to do now? This was one of the most positive aspects of my RN account, certainly way more important than BS rankings. Aside from finding like minded people, which is great, and the odd music opportunity to apply for, Is there anything else worth staying on RN for. They pulled the plug on the website last year, changing provider. I went to another one out with RN to set up a separate account that I can control myself. To be honest, I'm getting a bit pissed off with RN. If anyone can recommend a service that I can use for create on demand, I'd be grateful. As I say, I cannot afford to invest a load of cash on inventory, I'm simply not making enough off my music to justify it, yet I'd like at least to keep my CD out there for those who want it. I know that I can make digital sales in various ways, that's not the issue. I'm old school and I like the physical object as do most folk my generation, demographics show that the majority of my audience are also my generation. Anyhow, rant over. Any advice would be welcome. Peace, Dave H.

Season's greetings

Season's greetings to all. Wishing you all the best for 2014.

Love and blessings

Dave H.

Album released

"Mean Medusa" is finally available. I had to make a few compromises unfortunately, namely professionally prepared final master and an inventory of physical CD's to put into the shops. I'm doing this on a budget folks. However, the CD can be bought via Reverbnation through my store, they are printed on demand, the drawback is the waiting time for non-USA residents. I ordered a sample two weeks ago and still waiting.

The alternative will be that within the month I should be on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify giving you a choice of outlets to download the album from.

If cash flow improves I shall release the album as intended as a "Deluxe" version later in 2014.

In the meantime I urge you to go buy the album as it is, warts and all so that I can invest in my music. I am not a commercially appealing artist and I am not compelled to sell out my integrity for monetary gain. I simply wish to continue to develop as an artist and continue to express myself in the only way I can. After all, isn't that what art is supposed to be.

One Love.

Pop Princess Video

Hi folks.

Check out my new video for "Pop Princess". The song has been sitting for a while and is still a little rough round the edges. Still to be completed but I wanted to share it as I was recently inspired by all the Miley Cyrus furore to do a vid and release the song as soon as possible.

So, enjoy and I hope you like it so far.

If you would be so kind to go to You Tube and like it there also, that would be awesome.

As it is a social satire, I'd love it to get noticed on there and ruffle a few feathers before they take it down.

It's been a good week

It's been a good week for me, lot's of new fans and I am genuinely humbled by the quality of the music these new fans are producing. To be supported and given their approval is encouraging beyond belief. Thank you so much people. I do have to up my game though...such is the power of positive feedback from ones peers. Love to all.

Dave H.

Looking for a bass player

Any bass players in SY interested in working with me? I'm looking for a bass guitarist to work on my music with. Get in touch to see if we are musically compatible. No egotists please. Thank's.

Merchandise now available

Hi folks. Merch now available on my main website. More stuff coming soon. Get yer hands on some unique pieces and stand out. Unfortunately due to funds I am unable to bulk buy to reduce costs, so items are made to order and come via a third party in the States. Items are reasonably priced and my profit is small, however the postage is expensive if sent to U.K. probably better deal if you live in the U.S.

I'm sorry but given my financial restraints I can do nothing about that for now.

However if and when there is cash flow I shall be looking for suppliers closer to home for my U.K. fan base to give you a better deal.

I hope you will at least check out my store. Be the first to wear my colours.

Love and blessings.

Dave H.

Reconnecting with my amigos

Hooking up with my music buddies Adam and Jonathan again ("Babylon") to see what happens. We're fired up with some ideas and I hope I can talk them into doing a gig or two. Don't hold your breath on that happening though as none of us are comfortable with being up on that stage. We'll have to see what happens...

Free phone app available

Get a free mobile app and get my music for free on your mobile. Simply visit me on Reverbnation and follow the instructions.

Album will be released soon...

I plan to redo "Fallen Heroes" and"Medusa" for the album. Whilst I love the songs, I do feel they can benefit from a bit more polishing before I commit them to disc. In the process of writing a song for my wee girl who will be one next month. Wish I had the writing prowess of Robert Hunter ho hum.

Feedback for "Puppetmasters" please. I like it as is but I wonder if it needs more bottom end in the mix. Comments please.