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Facet's is complete and ready to go!

Well, the CD is complete, packaged and delivered to family and friends. Now comes the fun part of marketing and getting things on the business end completed. The piano reductions are in progress as are the choral arrangements for performance and licensing. It has been fun and rewarding to hear what those closest to us are saying!

Post production

I am learning so much! Now that the Recording, Mixing and Mastering are done, its all about the packaging and distribution. This has been a fun year and makes me earger to get started on the next project. We wont post anything else until the family get's their Christmas presents (wink, wink) Happy Holidays!

EP almost done

Well, tomorrow is the last of the vocal sessions for the EP. Next week we mix and master and then its off to production. Art work ready courtesy of GRIKWorks. Can't wait!

New Song

Got the Rough Demo of the newest song in production and boy is it rapidly growing on me. Funny how your song in the hands of someone else is so eye opening.

Robles Music

We started production on our first song for the new year. Wonderful working with Marti again.


I put up this site and then never got involved. 2013 I will stay on top of things and new music will be coming as well as show postings for Matrix, Spectrum, Teaser and Rockstreet as I stay as busy as possible doing both cover shows and continue work on originals and some producing as well. Here's to a break-out year!