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Press Release-Citizens Of Nashville

Press Release – Nov 2014 Toronto, Ontario. November 10, 2014. New Album CITIZENS OF NASHVILLE releases Friday November 14 The third album from Toronto folk-rocker Bob Menzies will be released November 14. Ten new, lyrically rich songs backed by a cast of some of Nashville's finest session musicians. Songs of love and loss, travel and hope and observations on the society we live in today. The album was produced by Larry Beaird and recorded at his studio BEAIRD MUSIC in Nashville. Final mastering was completed in Toronto by Phil Demetro at Lacquer Channel CITIZENS OF NASHVILLE Liner Notes Songs were ready to record and NashvilIe beckoned. I wasn’t too sure what would happen when I brought my batch of folk/blues tunes to a country studio but one thing I did know: I would find some of the best musicians on the planet down there and they would serve the songs well. So that credit for the great sound we got is theirs and I will of course take responsibility for the songs. As in most of my work these are songs of longing and loss, hope and despair and love at the joy of being alive. The musician ship is nothing short of amazing with the line-up including some of Nashville’s finest musicians (see session credits) We decided to head down to Mississippi first to get to the heart of Blue Country where it all started. We got to Clarksdale and stayed on the old Hopson Plantation to re-work some of the songs to get them ready for the studio. Hung out at the crossroads of Highway 49 and 61, visited Robert Johnson at the Church Of The Holy Zion graveyard, crossed the Tallahachee and back to Nashvile for a whirlwing recording session. The album was finished in 6 days and a hard drive sat in my pocket till we got the tapes back to Toronto’s Lacquer Channel Mastering’s Phil Demetro. I’m not exactly sure what we’ve got here. The Nashville engineers said it sounded like Country Americana. Time will tell I guess Track List 1. My Time Has Come…..3:19 2. Highway Of My Dreams…..3:46 3. Love And Glory…3:10 4. Black Cat Hiding…..4:27 5. You Can’t Go Home Again…..4:23 6. I’ve Never Been To Nashville…..3:47 7. The Only Thing I Fear…..3:33 8. No More Cards In The Game…..4:42 9. Time For You To Go…..3:41 10. Follow Me Down…..3.27

New Official Video

The Official Video for One More Highway is now done; post-production is complete. The Video Launch Party will be at The Central in Toronto, Sunday, June 29. Next day the video will be available on YouTube!

Album liner notes

Working away on the liner notes for Breaking Time with Gabi Wolosik, a Toronto based CD Design guru.


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