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A Great Day for Art

What is it about "Art", that changes the way we feel or think about something. Why and how does this happen? This resonance, this vibration is a connection to a universal experience. Perhaps it is the commonality of all things living in the universe. Do you think it is possible that this common ,"Artistic Language" is embedded in each of us from birth and through developing and nurturing it we are able to increase our ability and opportunities of expression and appreciation. Yea, that's what I'm talkin' about.

What the Art are you Doing?

Yea, that is what I said. Most of the deepest resonances that we feel, experience, are as a result of artistic/spiritual circumstances. Yes, I believe that these are the same types of events. The universal qualities of observing and commenting on the human condition are all part of the spiritual connection that we feel with all global citizens. When we interact through media, sculpture, dance, music, literature, we are doing Art. So what Art are you doing?

Do Some Art Every Day.

How does this work? Well either read something worthwhile, literature/journalism, write something, lyrics/novel/poetry, sing something, play something or just really listen to and enjoy something that moves you. We must all try to give value and meaning to the artists of the world. Art is the true universal language. It is more precious than all the riches of the elite class. It is the great equalizer, the common celebration, the timely tradition. It can move entire nations, it can inspire generations, it can educate the oppressed, give renewed hope to the downtrodden. How does it do this? It touches the places in us that we don't even know about !!!

Can You Hear It ?

Can you really hear the music? Stop....Listen...do you hear...feel...does it resonate you...with you? Music can take you on a journey..over and over if/when you let it. Eva Cassidy, India Airee, Sara Bareilles, Joni Mitchell, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Hoagy Carmichael, Louie Armstrong, there are many great songsters out there. When you start on a You Tube journey, hours can fly by and you haven't done a bloody thing all day. That's okay because you have been ARTIFIED !!!

Seems like Eva day is another day for music.

If anybody reading this has not heard of Eva Cassidy, please play her you tube live version of "Over the Rainbow". She has an inspirational sense of music, melody and phrasing. Her voice willl change your life. People all over the world are finding her every day and each one of them, us, is touched very deeply by her soul. It is very hard to describe and I really insist that you discover her for yourselves. She died at the age of 33, in 1996, and had a limited recording career and very little exposure. many of us think of her as a true angel in this sometimes abrasive world.

Live Art Every Day

This means you. Live, rhymes with jive. Of course you can live art as well. Either way it works out for the best. I will try not to get to political or religious, but I might get a little spiritual and maybe rant a little bit. I have a few letters posted in WIN letters, Winona Daily News, in Winona MN. My main passion is to promote and activate, LIVE art., Music, dance, performance art, multi-media. Art is a language that everyone interprets for themselves. Sometimes we agree and sometimes we don't, but we don't kill each other because of it. Sorry, I guess that was a little bit of a rant. Peace out.