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Odd isn't that venues can call offering a show, but the moment one asks in the most general terms "is there a fee involved?" the line goes dead?


We recently made a change, replacing drummer Mario Bennison with Mick Maleckyj. We wish Mario well and we welcome Mick aboard.


short and to the point..sick and tired of hearing promises that are never followed up........from day 1 of this band people have been sniffing around making promises...enough!!!!

Attack of the vapours

we note his royal bratness J Bieber has vowed not to return to Britain after his recent "live" shows......we ask that a grown-up puts that in writing.


2012 was an interesting year.....in all sorts of ways and now Scream Arena is looking forward to taking the scream further afield in 2013...

Taking the Scream forward!

We are currently in negotiation with promoters in London for a couple of shows in London in early 2013...so watch this space... We are looking to play in Paris....and any venues in between London and Paris...so talk to us..


We have noticed an increasing number of venues ask for band to apply for shows and then do not have the courtesy to acknowledge or reply to the application. We have asked friends in other bands and they have noted similar behaviour......a little courtesy would be no bad thing...it is expected of us after all...

A buzzz!!!!

www.rokoutradio.com @ 7PM New York time.... Scream Arena scheduled for Mon. Sept 3,,,,, Wed. Sept 19,,,,,, Tues. Sept 25,,,,, Fri. Oct. 12...the word is spreading...



started playing Scream Arena last night..a show by a called Paul Nicholls..good to get radio play on one's home patch.

Z Rock 2012

We were unable to appear at Z Rock 2012 due to circumstances beyond the control of either Scream Arena or indeed the festival organisers...all last minute and frustrating..the best laid plans of mice and men as it were....