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Introspection (NGS)

What does it mean to be introspective? Introspection is the process of examining one's mind and soul, one's thoughts and feelings. Today's rap culture is dominated by MC's that have no original thoughts. No intelligence. No sense of self. They live for nothing except ignorance and putting on a persona of shameless consumerism. They are focused on establishing a look of richness. A shiny clean life that bathes in filth. To be the best today, you must have jewelry, cars, and clothes that are the best. Tell the masses that they need these things. Tell them to do drugs and to get drunk each and every day. If any contest your lifestyle, criticize their sexuality and throw how much money you have in their face.

Not us. And especially not me.

I don't care how I am outwardly perceived to be. How I look is no reflection on who I am. My words scarcely speak of my appearance, only my thoughts and feelings are important. Like they say, don't judge a book by its cover. In my case you have to look past my wicked demeanor and discover why I am the way I am.

The fictional stories I weave may not be about me, but they are a part of me. They keep my comforted in my own precious madness. My mind, the Krypt, is home. None can touch me there. Same for you. Relish your mind and thoughts. Don't waste them. Don't follow what has been fed to you. Look into yourself and recognize yourself. Know yourself. Become introspective.

-NGS The Kryptkeeper


This is the summer of the Prodigies. This summer we plan on dropping a mixtape and our album we have been working on for a while now. We are also about to start looking for shows so stay tuned for that...other that just know that we are about to go in this summer!