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Knowledge number 2 since they can not let me use more the 4000 ficking blips

I can only speak for myself from this point, I reached this stage a long time ago, and had severe nightmares (still do at times). It took some time to figure out what came next. (For all people reaching this stage the experience varies a lot). I felt like I was sitting in this dark cave of "Knowledge" and the World laughed at me, as the walls slowly caved in on me. The candle that stood on my table was the only light i had, and as the darkness descended on me, one thing was clear in my mind "Escape", but how? It struck me, that the only place i had left to go was inside myself, all i needed was a focus-point, to have a link on the outside, the candle-light. It took many trials and a lot of disappointment before i succeeded thus far, and i had so much further to go, so much in fact, that had i known about it, I might not ever have tried. When finally I succeeded finding my way, I slowly discovered that the awareness residing in me, was somehow connected to all other living entities close by and far beyond me. An understanding crept up my spine, starting to light my way. Time and effort brought me to a state of mind that told me to, let go of absolutely everything you have ever learned, been taught or told by others, empty your mind completely, and i mean completely just keep the light! It was a revelation of its own, suddenly there was nothing, absolutely nothing, and then everything, all at once. In complete vacuum I was, I could feel the walls of my cave sliding and breaking, crashing and tumbling down until nothing remained, and for the first time since birth, I could breathe. Slowly I opened my eyes and looked around, it felt like i was sitting in the centre of the universe floating on a small rock, seeing all the wonders everywhere, this is when it dawned upon me, for the first time, that everything we ever need to know, will slowly come to us, if our minds are open enough to let it through. Yes let it through, since all the knowledge is everywhere, you can not lock it down, just let it float free, and use open reference points for it, then when you need it, it will be there, you have already learned it, you do not need to jam your head so full of it, you have to see beyond the text and in to the knowledge itself. When we reach this stage we will start to learn, as we do every day, from the smallest children to the oldest wise persons. We just have to learn to hear as-well as to listen.

Think about all the times you had a problem that you really not solve, and after a cup of coffee or a good nights sleep or playing a game, just about anything you did to take your mind of the World for a vile, even forgetting about it. How many times have you come back to the problem, solving it without thinking, and afterwards you thought to yourself, "that was not so bad" well my friend, that was just because you took time to open you mind, so as you could hear and feel the answer you needed.

Knowledge an afterthought of understanding the true meaning of it!

Is it not strange, that how ever much we chase after it, the less we really get out of it, and the more questions we are left with.

In the beginning there was this small cake named "Knowledge", this cake looked so good and delicious that you almost had the urge to eat it all, in one big bite.

For some reason you decide that to really savour it, you might just have to save a tiny little bit for later.

You sink your teeth into this cake, and you feel enormous warmth and wonder, it is like a million candles are alight at once, "WOW". This is great, and you never want to leave, but addiction is as addiction is, when most of the wonder wears off, you stand there with more questions than answers, and so much more you need to know. How is that possible? You slowly open your eyes and to you astonishment the cake, that was just a small crumb when you closed your eyes, is now double in size, no way you can now take it all in a big bite.

As an addict you feel exhilarated, and jump it straight away, taking another big bite, "Wow", the feeling is back, and so very much more, the effect is short-lived though and as you open your eyes, you are no longer surprised to find that yet again the cake has doubled in size.

You keep going, loosing yourself into a cave of your own creation, eventually you start to scream, in your mind at first, then louder and louder until your mind feel like it has been looked into car-crusher and there is no way out, you collapse.

This is when you finally start to perceive, that, never mind how smart you think you are, you still know nothing.