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Rounding the Bend!!!

So it's official. Studio time is booked for June the 9th!!! We are very excited to get our EP rolling so we can give you more than just mere demos to get your mind in that getaway mindset. It will likely take us a month or more to complete studio time and get the EP mastered. We chose to go to Tiger Hart Studio's because of their excellent track record of producing quality sound and quality bands, some of which are nationally touted. Now its up to us to lay down some epic tracks. We will start tracking the drums first, followed by bass, guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals, backing vocals, then backing tracks. This is not the first time in the Studio for some of us, and will not be the last for all of us... We really appreciate all the fan support we have received and promise to reciprocate on our end. This has been months in the making, and promises to be years of journeying. Also, check out our video blog on our YouTube channel, as well as our Last.FM page, ReverbNation page, Facebook, and Twitter. Sunny skies, sandy beaches, and a brain vacation await you.

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Studio Time!!!

Still saving up those big green ones until we reach our cash goal... No one ever told us it would be easy but this sucks!! We are all raring to go, we just need the capital to do it the right way. Our deadline is approaching and things seem on track and in place. For now we practice, save, practice, wait and count the days...

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