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This music has taken over my soul/ @ first i was just spitten now i have a goal/ without hunger you won't eat/ without want you wont reach/ Dont need a beat to speak/My shorty said it best for success you can't rest/ if that means no sleep i'll stay awake/ make a route for myself no wait!/ Thank you God you made me great/ On my shoulders theirs no more weight/ I'm ready for what you have instore!/ Bring it on i'll take more/ ISP, Stixx Louch is kicking down these doors/ shouts to NewGoon, Ky, Dirty D and rest of the click/ we sick!!/ I'm finish Peace we out this........

It's On!!

So I'm a starving artist with alot to talk about! Yet it just so happen there is a bunch of us that's in the same super market! What seperates me from the rest of the products? I feel like i have a slight edge over the competition because my linguistics are twisted up! What the "game" is missing is more facts then fictual! I don't wanna be the one to say the game is watered down that's an opinoin you have to make on your own! But what I can say is if you give my music a chance i can bet you'll be waiting for the next word or verse, hook, lyric, beat, or feature! I'm coming and cant noone stop me but me or God above! Stixx2yamind volume 1 produced by Inner State Productions will be hitting your eardrums mid June! Hip Hop heads prepare yourself!