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The End of Illusion: Chapter 1

This is the first in a series of blogs taking you through the process of our latest cd "The End of Illusion"

It will include insight to the writing process and meanings behind the lyrics. Everyone had been very patiently awaiting the release and we are forever greatful to our Indiegogo backers and fans for aiding in getting this project underway.

We have been working very hard the last 4 years with a list of accomplishments that we are very proud of. Our Recorded work: 2 studio EPs (Always Persevere and Forever Ascending) and a single with acoustic bonus track "No Good for Me." Countless live performances and miles traveled. Interviews in online and print. A growing fan-base with the strength and courage to carry on the always persevere message. And so much more. This Cd "The End of Illusion" immortalizes some of our memories, struggles, and motivations.

Track list Ultrea: The End of Illusion 1. Illusions 2. Labyrinth 3. Seek the Truth 4. Divided we Fall 5. When time collides between silence and a new dawn. 6. Brighter days 7. (bonus track) Fuck that Shit

As always thank you all for your support. We hope you love what we're doing. Leave us a comment of a question and we will be sure to answer in our following blogs. Off to the studio to ALWAYS PERSEVERE. wish us luck!

The return to the stage draws near

In less than 3 days time we get to return to the stage and restart our goal of spreading the "Always Persevere" message. We've had some incredible moments in the last couple months. Most Importantly we welcomed 2 new humans into the world. It is our highest hope that we can create a better world for them and guide them to do the same. Real change starts at home. First, with yourself, then with those inspired by you. Every last one of us has the power to inspire others with our daily actions. With the support of those around us, we will push to make known that positive change is worthy and is real. That we can stand together and encourage others. But now I've deviated from the subject... As most of you know we have been recording a new CD. We have returned to Megatone Studios in Madison, WI once again to work with Paul Schluder. This CD (The End of Illusion) will feature six songs, and some very special guest vocals from a few of our incredible Indiegogo backers. Speaking of Indiegogo: you may remember from a previous blog that we created our 2nd crowdfund campaign. you can read about it below (Jan 8th) we can not thank our supporters enough for preordering The End of Illusion. as well as donating generously. If you have not yet received your "Perks" don't fret they are on the way. Indiegogo preorders will be mailed out FIRST as soon as the CD is complete. We had hoped to have them prior to our comeback to live performances. Because our campaign did not reach our 100% goal we've been doing our best to continue the process with what we have. We will be selling all of our merch at 50% off in hopes of earning more studio time. We will also be taking 2nd wave preorders for The End of Illusion at our upcoming shows as well. Things have been rough and busy and beautiful and scary and stressful, but in the end we will persevere... we have no other option. Thank you again to all of those who are supporting us and making waves of change in the world. Join us with our Band Family this weekend as the PHOTOBOMB BATTLE returns. Because no matter how hard, stressful, and crazy life gets. You have to take a moment and have a little fun. More details from the studio coming up next on..... ULTREA BLOG!!!!

Farewell... Sort of

Just for a bit we bid the stage farewell we are officially on break from performing live. During our time away we will be plenty busy welcoming 2 new ultrealien children into the world that we are so desperately trying to inspire. We've already begun work on "The End of Illusion " our new CD due to release in late spring. We are excited to resume recording with Paul Schluter at Megatone Studios in Madison, WI. We performed a sneak peek of just some of the music that will be released on the CD this past Friday at The Annex / Redzone. We could feel the love both on stage and off from the people who have been with us since the begining, people we've been lucky to meet along the way, AND people who'd been dragged out to see us for the first time. We never get tired of meeting new people and learning your stories. What is important to you, what makes you mad, cry, happy. We had the pleasure of sharing the stage with 4 bands all of which had never played the Annex STAGE before. Piranha, Aterra Tale, Almost Nothing, and 3Pence. It's is and honor to share the love of music and the power it hold with so many people under one roof. We want to thank a ton of people that have been a driving force behind us for the past year. 301 Productionz, The Red Zone, Hyjinx, The Back Bar, Apex Audio Solutions, Broken Branch Drumstix, Max Ink Magazine, Jimmy K, Kurt Baron and the WJJO local Stage, Patrick and Luke Smallish, Chelsea Amundson, Dan Wepking, Janet and Dale Meixner, R.I.N.D entertainment, E. Wadium Productionzs, Master Dan Cochems, all of our fellow musicians, all of our indiegogo supporters, every single person who got sweaty hugs after a show, Every person who wears the ALWAYS PERSEVERE wristband proudly and brings love and hope to others. And to you.... the few people who read this blog til the end. I hope you'll all be with us to the very end. We... Love... You and stay tuned we're just getting started ;) - Ultrea

Indiegogo learnings

With our first indiegogo we had done a little reading, talked to someone who had done it and then jumped in with both feet. It was a crazy learning experience and the biggest lesson was PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE. I had not done nearly enough preparation for success. We were honest and motivated but that doesn't always cut it in the "real world" and by that I mean the cyber world too. You have to be on top of EVERYTHING I mean for real, it could be someone's full time job for 45 days... (and now I know that some people actually do this as a full time job) We got 44% funded and realistically when it was over I was relieved we made that much. We were able to purchase our trailer. (Used, but we manage) but were unable to fund the rest of those goals. Tough luck. We soldered on. Fast forward to Indiegogo campaign number 2. Research research research we decided to so it a little differently. Instead of asking people to donate we worked it as a preorder and perk package campaign. So not only could people donate, but essentially instead of waiting patiently for us to scrounge funds to record and produce the music and then patiently stand in line at the release, then patiently stand in line at the merch table to purchase our stamp of perseverance and hope to the world. You get it mailed to you pre show. We even offered a package that included free admission to the release party. We wanted to include our fans in the whole process bring em into the studio literally and figuratively. Our experience was very different this time around. We missed our target launch date of Nov 1st. And pushed it back into what is essentially Christmas season. Dumb dumb dumb dumb. So with some quick thinking we added packages that would be shipped out before Christmas to appeal to gift givers. More perks, more updates, more media ect. What really surprised me about this round of crowd funding was the amount of marketing emails I received. I'm talking like 30 emails "specializing" in crowd fund marketing. I see the draw, "get your campaign seen", get new fans, new viewers ect. And for someone in research or product development or higher ticket items I think it's well worth it. But for us personally It didn't sit right to think that we would spend money that we'd saved for our project on "marketing" to entice people, to give us, for our project. Maybe I'm wrong (it happens a lot) and maybe our next crowd fund will involve the expertise of one of these companies. But it was an experience that I didn't expect to have and made me look at the world in a different way. The way that it is and maybe not the way I had hoped. We are so used to doing everything on our own (us and our fans). And too many times when we rely on others we end up disappointed. So there's that fear. You pay someone to hold your project in their hands and care as much about it as you do. That fear spreads further into management, booking agents, labels etc. We want to reach new viewers, new listeners especially. To reach more people who crave the power of motivation through music. We will find that balance of doing what we know is best and finding others to aid us in our journey. Thank you again to all of our supporters new and alumni. We wouldn't be where we are now without you. And we're so excited to take it ever further with you all seat belted in beside us. Thank you for being the change for us and for the future.

Weeeeeee're Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Finally got to hit the road again this weekend. It's been tree weeks since our last show. In that time we've been adding to our stage production. Writing new material. Stocking up on new merchendise. Researching new and innovative ways to get our music to the people. And much more. In this time you have to be more than just a musician to be heard. And we are doing everything we can think of to work as smart and as hard as possible to utilize every moment we have on this planet to achieving our dreams and encouraging others to to the same. We kicked off the weekend down in Barrington, IL at the penny road pub where the lessons of self promotion were all too familiar. We can only do so much from our hometown when we travel to newer territory so we are so grateful for our fans and street team and Illonois band friends in Genotype and Caldera for helping to get the word out. We met some cool people and look forward to seeing them again when we return to Illonois, this time Rockford. Dec 4th. Saturday in Janesville the WJJO Sonic Boom Afterparty Was killer we played with our good friends in Left of Reason. And for the first time with Seasons after and 5 star Ruin. It was a great mix of loyal friends and complete strangers and the feedback we received could not have been more inspiring and motivating. From fellow musicians to future welders and former military, there's nothing like sharing time with our fellow humans in the presence of music. Next up we play MADISON at The Red Zone presented by 301 Productionz and WJJO with September Mourning, Thira, Malaki, and Growing. We can't wait to make it the best HUMP day possible. This is our life, this is our journey. -Ultrea

Personal connection feeds the soul

This last few weeks Kyle and I (Jen) have been breaking down the barrier between stage and listener. Bearing our music and ourselves with just a guitar and a voice in the busy downtown of Madison, WI. The initial idea was to set up a donation opportunity to benefit a Milwaukee women's shelter through the "Heel the Pain" show put on tonight (8/14/2015) by the Whiskey Warriors. We received more than just monetary support. Not everyone stopped to listen. Matter of fact most people just dropped their dollars and change into the guitar case without glancing at our cause flyer. And reflecting on that in particular fills me with hope. Those individuals didn't need to hear our cause. Who knows if they even enjoyed the music? But still took those seconds to give what they had handy to another human being. We as musicians give a piece of ourselves to anyone who will listen. We hope that encourages others to pass along that connection. A few people stopped to listen for a few songs. And at least one person each night listened to our entire set. These people blew me away! They were committed. In it till we played no more. It's one thing to play to a crowd that comes to see you. It's a completely different rush to play a neutral ground, to people who don't know who you are, and engage in the lives of strangers. We got some great comments and accepted coins and bills from coffee/sandwich shop workers on break, Students getting back into the school habit, and families with children. The kids were the best. And I have to give my utmost gratitude and kudos to those parents for teaching their children in some way to appreciate music and to give to others. Kyle and I raised around 50 dollars in all for the benefit. And gained some much more in the experience we had. We are human. We are the change. We will pick you up when you can go no further. We will PERSEVERE. ♡Jen


This week is ALL about organization. After spending 6 straight weekends on the road we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t and now its time to get everything set for our next run of shows. Last week I destroyed my “office” doing mostly administrative stuff. writing press releases, making sure our music was up and running for purchase, drafting proposals, ordering merchandise, and more. On top of that we have moved practice spaces and are temporarily working in a smaller space so the excess is now resting in my garage. So yeah, there’s a lot going on even though it may not seem so. The goal: an efficient and effective working space, and rebuilt packing system for the new tshirts, coozies, hats, ect. for you all to snag at the upcoming live events. Nothing is going to stop us from achieving our goal to create positive change through music for all mankind. Wish me luck LETS DO IT!!!!

Special thanks from Jen -Ep release party

WARNING: SAPPY CHEESINESS AHEAD. I've been stalling in sharing with you all how the Ultrea CD release Party went mostly because I turn into a sappy pants. But there is just no other way that I know. The love and loyalty shared with us this past weekend brought tears to my eyes. We had Ultrealiens travel from Milwaukee, la Crosse, Eau Claire, and beyond to share this much awaited celebration. Many were decked out in ultrea gear! OVER half of the special edition EP's were claimed. Even family came out for their first Ultrea experience. I hope everyone enjoyed THE CAKE it's a small thank you for all the support and positive impact you've given us along the way. Having been on the road this last couple months there was no better homecoming than embrace we received from our fellow madisonians. It's been a lot of blood sweat and tears it is worth every moment. -new EP... check -Video release... check -awesome feature and cover in MAX INK MAGAZINE. .. check What's next????? You can bet that there is no slowing down THATS FOR SURE. time for new designs, new music, new territory, new friends and continued and renewed passion for reaching people on a deep level through music, compassion and PERSEVERANCE. :') THANK YOU ALL

On the road and loving it!

F*kn Awesome weekend! Bobby and Danny you guys put together one hell of a Festival. We packed two vehicles full and headed north this weekend to take part in the Totally F*KN Awesome fest in Minneapolis, MN this past Saturday. Armed with equipment, sustinence and a conquer the road attitude we are happy to report that the trip was successful. We experienced in a new city, shared the day with some of our favorite bands to play with, and were accompanied by some of our Wisconsin grown fanfamily. We met some incredible new faces to which we say "see you next time!" For we shall return to twin cities end of summer/beginning of fall if all goes as planned :) thank you to the staff at Skyway Theatre who hosted the bands including the legendary IL NINO, STRAIGHT LINE STITCH BLUE FELIX THE BLOODLINE MOTOGRATER MY ZERO THIRA DEAD HORSE TRAUMA LYDIA CAN’T BREATHE GABRIEL AND THE APOCALYPSE PIRANHA WHITHER THE TIDE NAMES TO FACES SPACEMANIAM IRIDIUM SUN DARKC3L TRIGGER ARMADA REDSHIFT, AND THE CONVALESCENCE thank you to Karly, Ken of Broken Branch Drumstix, Chelsea, Pat, Luke, And Brad for sticking with us all weekend. Including our stop to play the Warehouse in LaCrosse with The Bloodline and Remedy. Special Thank you to Pat Callan for his expert roadie powers! Until next time... Be the change, Seek the truth, and ALWAYS Persevere.

Tales from the studio!

Ultrea has not played a live show in forever where are they? But of course we're in the studio! We have promised new music and in order to fill that promise we have realocated our time in focusing strictly on recording. After researching and inquiring at many of the studios southern Wisconsin has to offer we found a perfect fit with Megatone Studios. It is like a second home to us. "More like a club house really." It's a well utilized space with top of the line sound right in our hometown of Madison. We started tracking "This Dream" (Can't Take it Away) to test the waters, and it didn't take us long to belly flop into more. The most important part for us was to be sure that the music was going portray our vision. For many musicians this is one reason why some bands choose to self record. Complete control. We have been working with Paul Schluter as audio engeneer/producer. He is incredibly supportive and of what we want to build. But also adds perspective, a keen ear, and a little extra push to really take the music to the edge. We really feel he's an additional member of the band rather than a hired hand, or tyrannical music junkie. We are finishing up composition of our tracks. Up next is mix and master. We are excited to have been in contact with Dan Cochems to do our mastering. We can't wait to hear what the special fine tuning that Dan does to add to the journey of the music. Next step is to get it into your ears. So behind the scenes of recording we've been compiling artwork and design of the packaging. Also booking the first live appearences and stage extras to deliver the the power of perseverance straight to your faces. There is still much work to be done but trust me you patience will be rewarded. We've stuck every second and every penny into this phase of our journey we are so excited to share it with the world and continue to encourage positivity. There is opportunity everyday to change the world. We hope you join the journey of Ultrea.