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Blog entry: A NEW WEEK

Welcome to a new week of Ultrealien life! Time for us to make the most of it! It felt sooo good to plug in and let it out on Saturday at the Inferno Night club! This night saw our good friends Left With Tomorrow’s first show in the Madcity! Along with Encryptor, Killing District and The Sparrow. And everyone certainly brought their A game to this Midwest Mix-up show! The Inferno is entertainment everywhere you turn. Famous for their leather and lace nights, Inferno nightclub features, 2 stages, 3 bars, and alternative artwork to catch your eye. It is the perfect place to have a drink and appreciate art in many forms from paintings to sculpture and in our case music artistry. Music is our art! Each song is crafted to move you and make you feel. We create songs aimed to give comfort, hope, and to inspire. Inspiration to stand up for what you believe in, to move forward when life is less than expected, and to follow your heart... and your mind as well, "cuz in my head reality is never far away." If you missed this performance you can meet us Sunday October 20th at the Dragonfly Lounge (under the Bellini Restaurant on E. Washington Ave) with our friends THIRA, BREECH and HUSK! Show starts at 9pm. You don’t want to miss this show! Though Sunday night, this will be the most intense show the Dragonfly Lounge has seen! We have still been hard at work on wrapping up our newest single during all of this as well. So keep your eyes open for that coming soon! Also stay tuned to our page this week for an EXTRA SPECIAL announcement about Ultrea’s newest developments of perseverance. Feel free to speculate about that in the comment section. Mondays smundays, let’s get out there and make a difference today! It’s easy! Make a difference! Always persevere! ~Ultrea


The weekend was somewhat laid back for us. Friday was spent around the campfire in a tiki hut. We played acoustic in Poynette for fans of speed, guns, and music. Apocalypse Paintball in Poynette, WI hosted Death Race featuring music by Ultrea. Although the "Death Race" didn't end up happening. People were more than happy to chill around the tiki hut, shoot some firearms, drink some beer, and sing some tunes with us. I even took a lap around the course on a go cart complete with 6 point harness. While I was gone Fellow Ultrealian Luke stepped in to sing his version of "In Your Face." No matter how many big shows we get to play it's nice once in a while to play a small town party.

Saturday we were up in The Dells for a Badger pre-party at Marley's. We were joined by extended band family members Adam Domack and Left of Reason, as well as Joseph Huber from Milwaukee, and AKA Music representing the Wisconsin Dells. It started off as a beautiful Wisconsin day... then as per usual Wisconsin weather it changed drastically. During Joseph Huber's set a few drops began falling. By the time we started playing it was windy, raining, and borderline cold. So even though there was a "calm before the storm" as Adam Domack was serenading Marley's patrons we didn't "let it bring us down" we told that rain to "step off, back off" and get out of our face. Nothing can stop the Ultrealianation from spreading the word of Passion, Persistence, and Perseverance. "We know that we'll succeed we'll work until we bleed you know we wont back down." alright that's enough Ultrea quoting for one blog.

We hope everyone had a great weekend and look forward to seeing you all out at Club Inferno Saturday October 12th with our phoenix brothers Left With Tommorow.

So since Luke stood in for me this weekend I'm curious... which Ultrea song would you pick to perform?

Acoustic week!

The Ultrea family had a huge planning/brainstorming session over a campfire and smores on Friday. With fall upon us, the change of season reminds us that we must evolve to survive. We are in the process of creating new sounds, new opportunities to hear us live, and new merchandise! We can never say enough how much your love, support and encouragement means to us. When we see the Ultrea logo being sported on cars and fan wearing our tshirts out and about, it is incredibly motivating to us to continue along on our path of perseverance. Thank you Ultrealiens! Stay tuned to find out how you can get your hands on some Ultrea tunes for free! Also head over to our new Ultrealienation page on FB and give us a like! We will be doing some fun things on this fan orientated page! BUT WAIT! If you haven't had the opportunity to see our acoustic set, you will have 2 chances this weekend! Friday at Apocalypse Paintball in Poynette for the DEATHRACE after party and Saturday at Marley's in Wisconsin Dells! All day music fest on the patio, plus the Badger Game! GO BUCKY!


We want to thank everyone who came out to thw dragonfly lounge on Fiday the 13th. You turned one unlucky holiday into a great weekend kickoff night. A big thank you also to Aaron for help in putting it all together. I was stoked to be able to have some studio time and lay down the main vocal tracks for "You're no Good for Me." It is an incredible feeling when you put every speck of energy you have and concentrate it on one entity. I hope when you hear it, you hear the blood, sweat, and tears that went into it's creation.

I want to talk a little about motivation today. When the world doesnt seem to want to go your way, how do you cope? How do you bring it around? What helps you get back on your path to perseverance? We have all felt lost, helpless, or worthless at one time or another. Nobody is perfect. I try and remember one very important thing. I am one person. But one person can change the course of history. It takes but one drop of water to start the ripple in the river. The river will carry that ripple to the ocean with the right wind. You must choose how your presence on this earth will effect the course of time. I hope Ultrea can inspire you to stay motivated, to fight for what you believe in. There are events taking place everyday that determine our future. If we are not mindful the future will turn into a nightmare. So what is your motivation to make your life, this world, a better place. We hope to be a part of the driving force that helps change the world, for the better. I invite you to join us. Become a member in the Ultrealianation. Find a cause, become informed, persue happiness. Be compassionate, honest, and respectful. "We can not stand by and watch our world die." I dont want to just survive, I want to thrive. Let's start making waves. Join us next at Apocalypse Paintball in Poynette 9/27 and then at Marley's in Wisconsin Dells for a softer acoustic set 9/28 they will have the Wisconsin/Ohio State game and a ton of rockin bands. Hope to see you there!

bow down, bow down, 1, 2, 3, Blog it Up!!

WOW what a weekend! Saturday we joined by part of our bandfamily, Adam Domack and Left of Reason for a hometown benefit concert in DeForest at the performing arts center. The proceeds go to “Guardian” a film being put together by 2 DeForest alumni in Los Angeles, CA. As Jenni, Chris, and Bryan are also DeForest Alumni, we of course were pumped to return to our alma mater to rock and help out. Raquelashakti, Kaia Stofflet, and Brandon Conner from Look, I’m Burning also DeFo alumni, performed as well. The themes behind this film are strong and coincide with many of the messages we are trying to send as a band. Messages of change, taking control of your life, and standing up for what is right in the face of adversity. We can’t wait to see this film come to life and have been honored to help out.

It’s was a bitter sweet night, as it was Chris’s last show with us. As a founding member of Ultrea, we will never be the same, but you all know what we do best is to “Always Persevere”! We are looking forward to what the future has in store for us and continuing to spread our message. We are ready and working to take it to another level. Thank you for your work the last two years buddy! We love you Chris. Good luck with everything you have in front of you. And don’t be a stranger mister!

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY, Hed PE invaded Madison and we could not have been more honored to share the stage with them! Along with friends 626 and Left of Reason, every band was on fire! One big surprise came from a band from northern Ohio, Mettal Maffia! What a pleasant surprise! Check them out. There are 8 members. They have a Hip hop/metal sound with strong messages. This was the most fun you could possibly have on a Sunday night, I think! Thank you everyone so much for the support!

BIG things are ahead for Ultrea! We are picking up steam and surging forward into the future.

Come out and get crazy with us this Thursday night at the Frequency. Joined by our crazy bandfamily members 626 and Left of reason once again! We are holding an Ultimate Photobomb contest. Best posted photobomb pic on FB will win a band merch package. Get creative people! We can’t wait to see what shenanigans this brings.

Big shout out to Mikey from Breech. Sad you and Breech couldn’t join us this weekend. But rest up and we will play with you again soon when you are all healed up! Speaking of Breech, keep your eyes and ears peeled for their NEW CD coming in the next weeks!

Band camp weekend!

Ultrealiens returned to Milwaukee to invade the Down and Over pub last Friday. We plugged in for the first time live in a month, whoa! We had a short series of acoustic shows, that was successful in its own right. But, it was good to feel the music cranked up to 11 again! Sharing the stage with us Friday was Lying Still, Else, and Encryptor. It was a pleasure to be a part of this diverse and talented line up. We introduced a new song about working hard for your dreams, the frustration of being ignored, and never giving up. Also, we unveiled our new Ultrea tank tops with our redesigned logo. For a limited time with every purchase of a tank or t-shirt you can receive an Ultrea, Always Persevere wristband. Help us spread the message of perseverance!

After a few winks of sleep, the biggest day of rock in Madison had finally arrived. JJO BANDCAMP! Many of us were out to enjoy the festivities. Our friends in Divyded opened the day up with some awesome metals! After a full day of ROCK we then headed over to the after party to rock with our band family, Left of Reason! After a surprise acoustic set from Soil, LOR rocked the house!

This coming weekend we are reunited with our friends Left of Reason and Breech to show support for a couple of locally born film makers currently working in Los Angeles, CA. The “Guardian Rock Benefit” will raise money for a film that calls attention to some of the corruption, tragedy, and hope that is overlooked in today’s society. It is a fictional story that takes inspiration from real life scenarios. Come out to support and rock with Adam Domack, Raquelashakti and Look, I’m Burning to find out “Who are the Guardians?”

We are also excited to be picked up for the Hed P.E. show this coming Sunday at The Red Zone. (Formerly the Regent Street Retreat) We again join our extended band family Breech and Left of Reason for this awesome show! If you have somehow never heard of Hed PE, don’t miss this show! If you have, we know you will be there! Only ten bucks! Starts early at 6pm! You can buy advanced tickets this week from Breech, LOR or ourselves! Send us a message if you need a ticket!

We also have been working on our next single, “No good” for release in the mean time! Watch for that coming soon! So here’s to another week of positivity, fun, perseverance and ROCK and ROLL! ~Ultrea

This week on Ultrean Adventure!

This week we lead 4 stranger’s cars through a construction detour, nearly died from a drunk driver, but lived to eat late night taco bell. The Ultrea acoustic trio played at Fire on Water in Milwaukee this weekend for NocturnAngel’s debut performance. It was a beautiful evening Thank you Nocturn Angel for having us out. I’d like to give a shout out to “Tiny” for sporting our t-shirt all night long. We are so humbled by the positive feedback we received from our latest acoustic outings. We will be back in Milwaukee in two weeks on August 16th to play at the Down & Over.

This past Tuesday before rehersal we were asked to play a couple of our songs unplugged for the “Forward with Kurt Barron” podcast. We chose to do three songs that have yet to be released. Through the Ashes, You’re No Good for Me, and Labyrinth. If you would like to listen, check the link posted below. We look forward to getting those tacks and more recorded for your listening ears soon.

Speaking of recording with drum tracking nearly completed, this weekend we are hoping to get Greg, Chris, and Jason into the studio to record guitars. We are putting the final touches on a new song that represents the frustration and struggle of getting your voice heard. Also new songs in the works about hope, love, and facilitating change. Everyday we see corruption and injustice. You can complain, point the finger, and be hopeful for change, but we can’t wish away these problems. There has got to be a way to make life better for all of us. We have got to find a way.

Change is in the air, but one thing is for sure Ultrea will keep moving forward in hopes of creating a better future. Be sure to tune in next week for more Ultrea shenanigans.

NocturnAngel  (almost 4 years ago)

The honor is all ours for having you! I loved your set and I am ready to see it all unleashed at the show!


Well, there is never an easy way to say that you are losing a part of your family. However, Ultrea is losing a part of ours. Chris has made the decision to leave the band to focus more on his personal family life. He is taking a back seat role to free himself up for more time at home with his beautiful daughters and fiancé. Chris and Greg started this project almost two years ago and he has taken much joy in seeing it grow exponentially to what it has become thus far. You original Ultrealiens may remember, Chris started with us on drums, before moving to guitar when Bryan came on board. Chris is still going to be involved with our recordings, some writing, and photography. As well as continue to write and record on his own. Teamwork is always the best answer! We all believe that family comes first. This is and always will be an integral part of what we do and who we are as Ultrea. You may have lots of questions, but one thing is certain, we will always persevere. We will continue to play shows, write new material and continue work on our upcoming album. We may be looking for a second live guitar player in the meantime, someone who shares all of our ideals that Ultrea stands for. Chris has declared the August 24th Guardian Benefit will be his last day as an active member of the band, so be there to wish him farewell at his last live performance in Deforest at the Performing Arts Center. As always, thank you so much for your continued support! Our messages mean little until you decide to listen. Until we rock again! ~Ultrea

band of bands

We would like to start this blog, by thanking EVERYONE who came down to the Dragonfly Lounge this past Friday night. The show was packed with familiar and new faces! It was great to see the YES YES YESSES kick off the night AND shut the bar down with us at the end of the night. We give much respect to those who stick with us throughout the entire night and show their support for the musical community that we share. That IS how musical relationships are forged and music scenes are built. This was somewhat of a variety show as the genres of music blurred together. Maybe the blur was all of those drinks Aaron (from The Faith Hills Have Eyes) was serving us all night! From a Yeah Yeah Yeahs tribute band to dance/rap/techno duo and hard rock bands, this was a music lovers dream come true. Ultrea has been very fortunate to become a part of this rising music community. We could not be happier to share the stage with such amazing bands every week. This particular night we had several guest appearances from friends. We were happy to have Ultrealien Jessica back up on stage rocking out with us for a few songs. Lance from Breech, and Chris from Broke till Tuesday also joined us to bring some fire to our backup scream sections. Friends feeling the music and passion, is all we can ever ask for, and that totally made our night. Everywhere we looked we could see fellow band members and die hard fans. It gives us such a sense of unity, family, and community. This connection is the heart of what drives the music scene. We thank you all, as always, for your continued support. Right now is the calm before the storm, if you will ;). This week we are rehearsing and laying down some tracks for the E.P. Then next week, we turn up the heat! Thursday July 18th we play with Saliva at The Back Bar in Janesville! SWEET! Then Friday July 19th we are on our home turf at the Regent Street Retreat, for an all female vocalist lineup! Featuring; Seasaw, Katie Scullin, Brandy Held, Supervillian Fire Drill and Colorphase! SWEET! Then Saturday July 20th we return to ROX Sports Bar for Backstage Vibe on the ROX! A HUGE all day show with some of our friends, Mind Drop, Falling From Fiction, Downplay, Another Lost Year and many more. 2 stages! Food and drink and music all day long! SUPER SWEET! We hope to see all of you Ultrealiens out to one or all of them! Until we rock again... Always persevere! ~Ultrea

Ultrea getting people off their couches and rocking...

“The laws of celestial mechanics dictate that when two objects collide, there is always damage of a collateral nature.” To me this is a really fancy way of saying that with absolute certainty one person really can make a difference. A person can share just a moment of their life with another and change the course of history. Large or small scale, that is a profound thought.

We were lucky enough to witness this firsthand at ROX sports bar this past Friday, in Jefferson. After our set I was introduced to a gentleman named Brandon. Brandon lives near ROX and after a long day he finally had the opportunity to sit down for the evening and relax. He could hear the music in his Jefferson home. Despite living so close he had never been to ROX before. He said he liked what he was hearing so much that it made get off of his couch and walk over to the bar to see what was going on. He caught our last two songs live. When we spoke with him after our set he couldn’t have been more complimentary. The idea that we made such an impact on a person that it literally pulled them off of the couch is astounding.

We weren’t the only ones tearing it up. We were joined by InAeona, an incredible three piece, from Boston Massachusetts. They have a compelling and unique sound, a powerful stage performance and made a lasting impression. Earth Rise Put on one of the most passionate sets I’ve seen in a long time. Summerfest contenders My Eternal Stand also brought an astonishing performance. We will be back at ROX July 20th for a rare acoustic set. It probably wont be loud enough to “reach the couch” so we hope to see Brandon and you all out there.

Always Persevere ~Jen