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Ultrea / Blog

mini tour moments

There are 100 things to think about when you take the stage. But once the music starts a feeling of weightlessness, fearlessness, and ease takes over. Preparation is endless those 100 things start to become natural: don’t forget the words, engage the crowd, don’t cup the mic, use your space, don’t cross cables, breath deep, and don’t point the mic and the monitor. The energy takes over and you can genuinely express each moment as it flows out of your body. It is an almost indescribable feeling, which I pledge to repeat as often as possible. Ultrea had three incredible shows this weekend and each was a opportunity to show our passion. We learn a lot from these three day “mini-tours” not only about each other as band mates but about ourselves. This is a tiny taste of what it can be like out on the road and we know we’ve got our work cut out for us. There is much preparation to be done. We will never stop trying to make our dream become a reality. We know we can do it with your help. Soon we will be launching an Indigogo campaign in which you can invest in Ultrea. Each “backer” will serve to be a piece of the puzzle that with ensure that the Always Persevere message with continue to spread. Stay tuned and thank you in advance for your support! If you weren’t able to hang out with us this past weekend don’t worry there are plenty more opportunities. This Saturday we travel to Tomah, WI to perform at The Break Room. Then we return home to Madison. Stay up to date with all of our shenanigans through www.facebook.com/ultrea or twitter @ultreaband or Instagram @ultrea.

Never Give Up!

“Never give up” is a theme that lies in most Ultrea songs. We feel it is one of the most important life lessons we can pass along to others. Many of you know that among the Ultrea members there are nearly 10 “little” Ultrealiens. The music that we make started as a way to speak to them and about what our life experiences have taught us. Lessons to guide them through life. So that they might be stronger than we were, smarter, and live happier. We are living this lesson. We’ve had set backs, hardship, slammed doors, criticism, stress, and plenty of rainy days. Still, the dream lives on. It have grown to a dream to share this message with the world; To follow your dreams, make a difference, choose your battles wisely and fight like hell for what you believe in. We will see this dream through, as far as we can go, to show our children that we never gave up. We have sacrificed hobbies, Job advancement, sleep, and sometimes sanity. We want our children to grow up and be proud to say “that’s my dad!” or “that’s my mom!” “They stood up for what was right, and never gave up.” We want them to say “I have a dream and I will work hard for it.” When the road is closed, we will find a detour, or make our own. One way or another we will keep moving forward.


Bash blog: BASH BASH BASH! Thank you to everyone that came out to support the line up in Baraboo at the Pumphouse it was a great night for music and sports as the Badger/Arizona game accompanied Ultrea, Wall of Funk, Sexy Esther, The Blackest Brothers Band, and 4 Asprin Morning! Everybody won. Each band, a different genre, brought something new and fresh to the table. We started the night out early, getting everyones blood pumping. I’m not gonna lie sometimes when we play in places not acusomed to loud head-banging fist-pumping lungs-bursting music I wonder if there will be anyone left in the bar when we’re done. Everytime, I’m pleasantly surprised not only that people remain but the numbers grow. The Pumphouse was packed all night largely thanks to Cyrus. He is a shining example of what local music promoters should be. He has spent countless hours to ensure that this show happened and happened well. He worked up radio and print ads and spent countless hours out at shows talking to people one on one. This foot work is the reason that the Bash in the Bluffs is so successful. Thank you Cyrus for all of your hard work it was a pleasure. Also a big thank you to some local people who support the local scene Alijandro with “We Make Music Happen” Jimmy K with “Max Ink” and David with “WI local bands that Rock”. The scene is growing because of people like this. If you want to get more involved contact one of these people there is always work to be done and the success is sweet. Have a great week everyone. Ultrea is back in studio but we sneak out April 17-19 with shows in Madison, Jefferson, and Cudhuy. Stay Tuned and Always Persevere!

Oppertunity Knocks

Blog: When Ultrea was first formed, I went in with a “no pressure” attitude. I loved making music so that was my goal. Make music. After we released our EP “Always Persevere” we began talking more and more about what Ultrea could be. All of us had similar views of what that music speaks loud to our souls and we could utilize the opportunity to make music about subjects relevant to our present and our eminent future. When things started to pick up for us it was clear that we were creating more than just music. Tuesday night at Redzone is a perfect example. Ultrea, Left of Reason, Smile Empty Soul: three bands with a common thread. Music that says “Who are we?” “What have we done?” and most importantly “What are we gonna do now?” If you like Ultrea for fun, for the music, and for the energy. Thank you for your continued support of making one of our dreams real. If you like Ultrea for more than the music, for the Always Persevere Movement, I invite you to “like” the Ultrealienation page. This page is about opening our minds to our current world, understanding the triumphs and failures, and opening discussion for how each of us can play a role in making our future better for all mankind. We met so many amazing people Tuesday night. We hope to see you again there are plenty more performences scheduled. Saturday we will be at the Pumphouse in Baraboo with Sexy Esther, The Blackest Brother Band, Wall of Funk, and 4 asprin Morning. For our full schedule go to www.reverbnation.com/ultrea

March 8th blog

We had an incredible show Saturday night. All local bands packed at the RedZone/Annex! Thank you to Breech, Autochaotic, and Ockam's Razor for sharing the stage... somtimes literally! We love to steal a mic and join other bands. We've played with Breech many times and don't mind trading members just for fun. Jen helped them out with "A Nation Under" and both Mike and Lance brought their energy to the Ultrea set. Also a special guest appearance by Black with Envy's Chris Papp. A big thanks to all of the Ultrealiens that made it out as well as all of the fans and supporters of local rock music. Truth is we would play to the bouncers and barteneter (and we have before) but when we play to a full crowd like we did on Saturday, it is more validating that all our hard work is paying off. We will continue... "We will pick you up when you can go no further." It's the spirit of teamwork, kindness, and respect for one another that can make a dramatic difference in the way we live our day to day lives and the way we interact with those around us. It only takes the small presence of mind to notice opportunities and lend a helping hand. It could be something as small as holding the door for someone at a gas station or offering your seat to a pregnant woman. It could be something as extravagant as seeing a military veteran or elderly person ahead of you at the super market paying for their groceries, no strings attached, just because you have the ability to do so. Every time we see these acts take place it inspires others to pay it forward too. Acts of kindness is one of the easiest ways we can make a difference in the world around us. Kindness is contagious and we want to infect as many people as possible. So we challenge you today, this week, all year to look around and spread compassion everyday. It may seem small, but life is more bearable when you know that someone cares. And you never know who might be in dire need of some kindness.

In Ultrea news, we are very motivated and excited right now. Our upcoming album had seen many challenges in the way of its progress, but we have pushed through and really have alot of momentum and progress as of late. Drum tracks are finished and sounding amazing. Guitar tracking is moving ahead and completing new material. Inspiration comes in waves and we seem to be riding a big one right now. Our indigogo video is currently in editing and should be up soon. All work and no play makes ultrea no fun so we all went down to The Red Zone on Tuesday night and supported our good friends in Left of Reason as they played with Righteous Vendetta. Thanks for spending the time to read this today and we hope it inspires you throughout your week. Always Persevere ~Ultrea

How we grow

Noshow blog: Everyone has trying times in their life; ultrealiens are no exception. We are none of us perfect. We are always learning how to thrive in this life, in this world. It is our experiences of sorrow, loss, forced change, discomfort, and shock that allow us to grow. We are all forever changed everyday. Every occurrence leaves it's marks, visible or not. They say that life is not a destination but the journey. If this is true, I think the goal would be to get through the bumps with solid footing so you can enjoy the easier terrain ahead. If you try to run past the rough patches your likely to stumble and fall. Lets face them carefully, with strong intent, and never alone. We will pick you up when you can go no further. I hope todays blog can give hope to others. As you can see I'm in an inspirational mood as Ultrea is continuing to create new material. We will be continuing to record on the weeks ahead. We will be more than a little antsy to get back on stage March 8th in Madison at the Annex (RedZone) we have tickets available on advanced for $5. Otherwise it will be $7 at the door. In the meantime; lets band together. Life is a team sport. Trust, communication, protectiveness, sacrifice, selflessness. All teams have a balance of these qualities. The best part is you get to pick your own team mates, and ideally you dont have to square off against others. However, I feel an inevitable superbowl is in mankind's future. Choose your team mates wisely and always persevere.

Antigo Anniversary

As people we are constantly evolving. We grow from every experience and encounter along the way. It was a time of reflection this weekend as we returned to Antigo, WI to Headquarters II. Where we helped celebrate their one year anniversary. Many things were the same. It snowed again... a lot. There was loud rock music, drinks and good times had by all. This time we were accompanied by music veterans Left of Reason and newcomers Forever No More. From Tomah, Forever No More's front woman Kat wields a strong and sultry voice, truely a pleasure to listen to. Watching these two diverse bands got me thinking. Thinking about where we have been since we started out two years ago. I had never fronted a band before. Most of us barely knew each other. Those first few shows were down right awkward and to be honest, they are painful to watch now :). In our time together we've grown as musicians, as people, and as friends. We have evolved and will continue to push ourselves forward to be better everyday. We encourage others to do the same. We are back in the studio for the next 2 weeks but you can stay in touch with us via twitter @ultreaband @ultreaVoxtress and on instagram @ultrea. Our next live performance is Saturday March 8th at The Red Zone with BREECH, Autochaotic and Okams Razor. See you there Ultrealiens!

RAW blog

We are all human. We doubt ourselves and our dreams. It's ok. For it is when we are uncertain of the outcome and the outcome is grand, that we are validated in our aspirations. Ultrea was selected to perform in the RAW Artists showcase: Awakening last Thursday night. A night where artists from all categories combine to create an unique event that features drawing, photography, jewelry, fashion, film, hair artistry, and of course music. The evening was upscale most spectators where in cocktail attire sipping on red wine noting the contrast in beautiful paintings. I was a little nervous. We are used to the blue collar... make that black tshirt, beer drinking, horns raising crowd. The show began and more and more people filed in. By the time we took the stage it was elbow to elbow. We started with "No Good" clearly our most radio friendly song, but half way through "Calm Before the Storm" when the music cuts I snag a quick glance to my bandmates and think... well here we go. We let it rip. The biggest scream i could muster. And it was like we were back at the Majestic. (One of our first BIG shows with In This Moment) No one left, no one booed matter of fact people were smiling, bobbing their heads, and clapping. It was a truly humbling feeling. Getting a positive response. Especially in this new territory. Afterward i was overwhelmed with the amount of people to approach me and talk about the music, their stories, and how they too were pleasantly surprised with the outcome. It just goes to show that even in times of doubt, perseverance is a universal word for us all to get behind. Thank you to RAW, Sameria, High Noon, all of the artists who participated, and to the amazing people who inspire us to continue spreading this ever important message. We are road tripping it up to Antigo, WI this Saturday if you know anyone in the area let em know we will be at the Headquarters II 1 year anniversary show Saturday night. LOVE AND PERSEVERANCE ~JEN

Weeeee're Baaaaaaaack!

It felt so good to be on stage again this weekend. First on Friday at the Dragonfly Lounge then Saturday in Milwaukee at Club Gabraldi. As many of ou know we have been taking some time away from performing to focusing getting some our our songs recorded. But we live for the stage so when 626 announced they were releasing a cd we jumped at the opportunity they are "two wild and crazy guys" so in honor of the cd release we cooked up a little crazy of our own. 626 has been described as adult party rap. So we busted out our version of Eddie Murphy's "Party All the Time" if you were there you got an eyeful off a different Ultrea. We hope you were entertained. Saturday was road trip day we packed up two vehicles snugly and drove to Milwaukee. We had a great time playing with ELSE and Red and the Wolf. We love playing in the vintage buildings over in Milwaukee each has its own unique qualities. This one had a large corner stage and giant mosaic disco ball (as seen on our Facebook page) Thank you to ELSE for having us out. The crowd was excellent too! Many stuck around to chat and drink with us afterward. We love that! Getting up close and personal. We hope you left feeling motivated and look forward to seeing you again. After that we packed up and headed for home. But not till after we lost and found Jason. In his defense, he did leave us a note... In the snow... Because that's the first place you look for a missing bassist. Everyone snuggled into our packed vehicles and after a nap, a bathroom break, and a couple wrong turns (opps) we are back home and ready to do it all again this week. You can catch us this Saturday at The Inferno With Dead Horse Trauma, The Unnecessary Gunpoint Lecture, and Go Play Go God. P.S. thank you for your patience as we will have all your favorite Ultrea songs to you as soon as humanly possible.

The end of 2013

As we reflect back on 2013, we have so much to be thankful for. We had an amazing year! We hope everyone had a safe and great holiday week and weekend. And we hope you all have as big of plans as we do heading into the new year! We spent some quality time with our families, but still got together Saturday night to have a jam/plan session. After Bryan made us some gourmet stuffed burgers, we began outlining ideas for our Kickstarter video for this upcoming year. Kickstarter is a video sounding board where you can find people, causes, and in our case a message to get involved with. In our Kickstarter we will talk about who we are, our message, and how we plan to spread it. We want to encourage personal, professional and global change in a positive way. It is our mission, our goal and our life. We cannot make our goal widespread without your help. So we will keep you all updated and ask that you share with your friends, family, clients, co-workers, neighbors anf the world, the message of Ultrea “Always Persevere.” P.S. we also started work on two brand new songs not heard by anyone… not even the band house roommates. SO what are you doing for New Years?? Well, Ultrea is coming out of the recording cave to hang with our friends Left Of Reason and Roxstar as the share the stage with Bobaflex in Janesville Tuesday night at the Back Bar! Come ring in the New Year with some loud rock and roll music and good friends.