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Thanksgiving Reunion

It baffles me that one year ago today I was in the darkest, most depressed time of my life after my fiancé and I parted ways. Since then I have found a real passion in music and have made more out of it than anyone could have imagined, including myself. I'm a very humble person so trust me when I say I realize that I haven't 'really' done anything anyone else hasn't, just know 2012 was only the beginning. I'm thankful for the handful of people that remained friends while I fell off the face of the earth for a while. The whole point of this post is to prove that YOU CONTROL YOUR DESTINY; not anything, or anyone else. Stand up for what u believe in and fight hard for what you want! If you believe in yourself nothing can stop you. Call it corny but it's the damn truth. I can't wait to continue this post next year. Happy Holidays!

News Update

I have some insane in the membrane type of news coming... Like things are really, REALLY coming together. All I want to do right now is take a few minutes and type this up to let ya'll know how much I appreciate you guys! I know a lot of you have been asking about the hoodies I'm getting made. Well, when they DO get made, and I DO have them in my hands, I'm going to have some sort of free contest and/or drawing and give 5 of them away FOR FREE. Now note these hoodies are going to be the same exact ones I make for myself to wear and perform with, and are already running me over $40 a piece to make. I just want you guys/girls to know that I truly appreciate each and every one of you; each and every like/share/comment; each and every word of mouth publicity you have given me. I am truly, truly grateful for all of this. I also want to give a S/0 to two of my mentors, Logan Chard, and Valdez Mac of Vishus Imagery. These two have taught me so many things about life in general, and continue to share knowledge with me and support me no matter the cost. Lastly, I'm not sure if everyone has heard about Teknique Omaha and I splitting up or not, but it happened. I can honestly say he was one of my close friends and I'm not happy it resulted this way but bottom line is... shit just didn't work out. It's more than true to say I wouldn't be where I am at this very moment in my Hip Hop career if it wasn't for him. He did a lot for me; so much that there literally isn't enough space to type it all out, and for that I am very grateful and will always respect him as both a person AND a Hip Hop Artist. I've been meaning to publicly say that and make sure everyone knows that it's not side choosing time, at all. I will continue to support his music and his career. Yes, that means when I see him on stage I will be in the front row, just like I am with every other artist. I can honestly say I love Omaha, and what it's Hip Hop scene is all about. I cannot begin to picture what it's going to be like a year from now. Just be ready when Omaha gets put on that Hip Hop map. Mark my words and quote this 'It's happening'

- shooK

3 Week Update

Wow! Things have been progressing a lot faster than I ever imagined. In just 3 weeks we have 3 new tracks, just under 2000 plays through ReverbNation, and over 400 likes on the facebook page! It's shit like this that keeps me motivated more than ever; so big shout out to everyone who has helped this "dream" become a little closer to a reality. I have also made 4 lyric videos and posted them to You Tube. These have also been surprisingly successful and I am surprised at their success in such a short time as well. The support I have been getting is truly overwhelming. I guess you can say I've turned into a Social Network horror. I finally got around to making a Twitter account, which has become more addicting than the adderall I'm prescribed to. I have also had this account for less than 3 weeks, and even though I only have 173 followers so far I have found a way to make 414 tweets?!??! WTF? Follow me @theRealShooKon3 if you haven't already. I am a very active 'tweeter' and always follow back! Last Friday I purchased 10 exclusive beats from a producer named Taz Taylor (http://www.taztaylorbeats.com) who resides in Florida. Yes, this did cost a meal ticket and a half but I am really happy with the beats I have purchased and already have a ton of ideas for what I want to do on these tracks. Taz is really easy to work with and is down to earth. I feel I could easily be real life homies with this kat, so check his beats out! You can also follow him @TheTazTaylor. These 10 tracks will be actual tracks of mine, where there is more than just rhyming going on. I don't want people to think I just make music to try and blast how good I am at rapping or let you know 'how much better I am than you'. Trying 2 Get Along is the track that has the most meaning for me right now, so if you haven't checked it out then you definitely need too! I plan on doing shows later this year, around fall time. Just wanted to let ya'll know how things are over here on this side of the screen! Remember...... If you ain't grindin, you ain't livin!!! - shooK

On Fire!

I've only had my account for about a week, and this sh!t is on fire! Thanks to everyone who has played a track, shared a track, 'became a fan', told someone to listen, or showed any kind of support and/or criticism! Let's keep it goin!