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2013 Summer Tour Schedule

See all the July-August Dates at JFMusic.net See you on down the road!

Download entire Ladies Demo

download of our "Ladies" demo is available for free at http://johnnythehoneybuckets.bandcamp.com/

Working our new Demo out

Summer Blues solo video http://www.jlfosterphotos.com/Other/Camera-Awesome-Photos/22449230_2MnkkP#!i=1902629115&k=j4Xd8qM&lb=1&s=A - taken during our "Ladies" demo recording in May 2012 - demo should be completed by July 4th

Mixing the Medicine Living Room Clip

Posted this new song for my mom on mom's day, take a gander: http://www.jlfosterphotos.com/Other/Camera-Awesome-Photos/22449230_2MnkkP#!i=1843838129&k=K2KS4BQ&lb=1&s=A