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Kathy Griffen has taken plastic surgery to a new level

Yofor real I watch the d list her tv special on every sunday after watching celebrity rehab and the chick cant even close her eyes anymore due to so many facelift its really creepy when you watch her trying to close her eyes or blink and instead of the lids touching like the would on a normal person her eyes go crossed and then sorta rollback, its scaru as hell has anyone else noticed this or am i the only one??? anyway this is my 1st blog entry of soon to be many but this is one of my rants about what the media and television has done topeople. its driven them to a point where they want so badly to be beaytifull and young forever but the things they do to maintain that youthfull looks and beauty is accelerating there aging and making them unaturally ugly and hard to look at... My point and advice to women Please do NOT get plastic surgery If you can't find a ma/or woman that loves you the way you are and for who you are you're looking in the wrong place... 1 DFS!!!