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Craig is writing new songs...

verse - My heart leaped off the ground when the eyes of my soul found the same man who died at my cost had been searching for me all along.

another verse- 'Melt this heart of stone, and wake these weary bones and let us dance once again a rhythm between two friends'

And I have a Chorus idea for the song...that sings, 'Make way for me. I'm coming home this eve. Go prepare the banquet feast, Make way for me. Go and tell my kin, that He forgave me my sin, as I bathed in the Jordan. Make way for me'

-and here's some variations of that chorus.... 'Make way for me, I've been drifting out at sea, where no one can ever leave, Make way for me. Go tell my king that the shore's within my reach. I can hear the waves crashing, Make way for me.'